Monday, December 3, 2012

Bad English

COngrats on CHADs Marriage!!!!

So we had Transfers this week!!!!  Drum roll please.....  Yay I'm still in Kalibo, With Sis Patricio Liwat (again).  I'm so grateful that the transfers didn't cause too much of a change.  Though, we were so stressed out on June 27th when they told us who would be transferring. We really had no idea if I would be staying or if Sis Patricio would be staying, because we came to Kalibo at the same time.  SO we will be here for another 9 weeks together.  

Sorry about how sad last weeks letter was.  Pero I learned that you have good days and you have bad days.  The good days are when you find a peso (coin) on the ground, TWICE in one day! The bad days are the ones where it rains a lot and you slip and fall in the mud while you are walking to an investigators house.  Haha yes this happened to me last week. THen there are the funny days where you come across a drunk man trying to ride a bicycle.  

HaHa I recieved Jared's letter telling me that I must be really working on the language because he can see my English suffer in my emails!!  SO pesensyia for my horrible English haha  The language is coming along better.  I can see where i'm improving.  I'm feeling more confident and my companion says that I really am sagad (good) at the language.  Pero I still feel far behind.  but it is good to know that i'm am doing better. She even told my last night that I was talking in my sleep and I said a few Tagalog words!!!  I pray everyday for the gift of tongues and to improve on my teaching skills.  I'm grateful for my companion, She is way persistent and outgoing when it comes to teaching. SHe likes to get things done.

P.S. THat's exciting that Kristi is coming in a week.  Mom, we don't go out of our area except on P-days because the grocery store and market are in the area next to us.  Also were you able to forward that email I sent a few weeks ago for sis Patricio??  also I have another email for you to forward to my friend.  THanks!!

I love your emails, thanks for you encouraging words every week.  I love you so much!  Stay strong and working hard.  I'll try to have better English haha but I can't promise anything.  
LOVE Sis FOWLES!!!!!!!!!!

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