Monday, December 3, 2012

Philippine skies...

Philippine skies...
Pasensyia My letter is late, we didn't get to a computer shop until later today. 
Transfered happened and i'm still in OTON big surprise haha joke-lang. I"m still with sister Guerrero which is great! and Now we have sister Swarna!!!! we are a th3-some for 2 weeks..  Want to know why?? because Sister Swarna is being transferred back to INDIA to open a new area for Sister missionaries!!!!  so they are pulling out some Indian sisters from the Philippines to help train new missionaries in INDIA and Sister Swarna is one of them!  cool huh!!
Also Sister Patricio transferred from Kalibo to Antique and Sister Schocker transferred from Iloilo NOrth to Roxas zone and she is a SENIOR now.. CRAZY! She is following up a sister who just got trained..  So the time is going fast!!!  aHH slow down.
So I"m back with sister Swarna liwat (again) just like the 1st day i was here.
Conference was so great !!  I want more..  I'm so sad I have to wait another 6 months. I loved President Packer talking about my favorite song "Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy" It reminded me of Dad and his lighthouses.  I loved Elder Holland about his narration of the story of Peter talking to Jesus.. and How he needs people who LOVE HIM and who will feed his sheep.  He needs disciples, He needs Loyalty, he needs us to not go back to how we were before.  ELder Uchdorf talking about no regrets.. To enjoy the journey. That before we die we should learn to live.. Even if it is hard now, once it's over then it's over.  OH I wish I had brought my notes so i could share more. 
I'm loving the Philippines more and  more everyday. The sunsets are breath-taking.. don't you agree..  they look even better in person..
Oton is really hard, especially with getting people to church.. We are happy that we were able to have 2 investigators come to conference. Sister Lourdann, who is in the picture I sent. so we are excited to follow up with them and what they noticed or felt from the words of our prophet.
OH man.. Time is gone liwat!!  it's so dasig ang tiempo! (time is fast)
Halong Kamo! Palangga Ko Kamo!!  

LOve sister FOwles

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