Monday, December 3, 2012


WoW!!! Those are so cool, the pictures of Alli and Emma.. Alli's Hair is SOOOO long and Emma's Hair is SOOOO short haha.  and those are my old dance costumes.. wow.. MOM you still have those?? haha you never throw things away. ;) Just kidding. 

I loved hearing from everyone in the Email.. I'm happy everyone is still alive haha. I received Diana's Dear Elder!!!! Thanks I love you.. For Jessie's question about diapers... I've only seen one lady use a diaper for her baby.. usually it is just bare bums.. haha I accidently caught a bare bum on camera once, oops. I don't know how they deal with potty training because in the province I haven't seen a toilet yet.. The people kind of just go where they want.. 
So I suppose this last week I had a baptism.. It was Oliver but the thing is he left to Manila last Wednesday for work and texted us that he was being baptized on Saturday.. SO we did all the work in teaching him and then the missionaries in Manila were able to baptize him. I kind of have mixed feelings. It's great that he has been baptized because that is was Jesus Christ wants us to do. But we don't believe that he has a real testimony yet, that he was baptized because of his girlfriend April.  She wan't a temple marriage..  SO that's the story about that.. 

We are so excited for August!!  August 11 is the date for Catherine Magno and her Sister Carmela.  And for DenMark, Ronald and Raymond DelaCerna!!!   I love them!!  WE are excited.  This last week we are excited that Raymond Dela Cerna is trying to stop smoking.. So far he hasn't smoked the last two days so we are really trying to help him quit.. He really is progressing, he came to church on Sunday and we saw him reading the Book of Mormon during sacrament meeting.. It's funny because when we first met them I would have never thought that Raymond would enjoy reading the pamphlets, BoM, going to church. But now he is the first one to sit down and listen to us, He gets his brothers to stop watching tv and come for the lesson.  There is a change, because when we first met him, He tried hiding and escaping from us.  So I'm grateful for the change of heart that happens in our investigators and to really not judge an investigator because ANYONE can have a change of heart. Even though some reject what we have, there are others who will accept. and when they accept, you can see the change in their lives.  We see that Raymond NEEDS the gospel, He needs that repentance. He is just a young man who needs direction in his life because so far he hasn't had that direction.

We had interviews last week with President Pagaduan!!!  He is the Best Mission President.  He talked to me about the importance of decisions.. the decisions we make not only effect our lives but can effect others for better or for worse.  It's important to make Righteous Decisions because those choices could effect generations to come.  He encouraged us to make righteous choices every day. that even if you don't want to do something, Make the right choice and you will be blessed.
I love sister Pagaduan also.  She is so beautiful and simple.  She dresses so simply but she truly has a light about her that makes her stunning. She told me to always make the most of your time here because you'll never have an opportunity like this again.  She really was just talking about herself because they have a year left but I applied it to myself.. that really, I'll never do something like this again, that yes, after this i'll have all the time in the world to do what I want, watch movies, hang out with friends. But this time is precious and short and I shouldn't waste it. 
When we were done with interviews President Pagaduan mentioned that Elder Bednar will be here on Aug 30 for a conference with our mission!!!!!!!!! WoooHooo Elder Bednar is Awesome!  Sister Patricio is soooooo excited too, SHe's never been this close to an apostle before and she reminds me everyday how excited she is.. Haha

Sis Patricio is amazing, she is a convert to the church from Manila. She has only been a member for 3 years and she knows the gospel as much as I do, if not more. She is the only member of you family. She comes from a broken family and I truly can see how hard it is for her to be by herself in the gospel.. She loves being a missionary and doesn't want to go home.  She is the bravest girl I know. I look up to her so much, even though I might make her mad sometimes hehe. I just tell her that I'm helping her have patience. the attribute she desperately desires to have. She is the cutest Filipina I've met and She is an amazing missionary. She is persistent and isn't afraid of what people might say or think.  

So Salamat  I love you all so much I'm praying for you every day.. 
Palangga Ta Ka  (I LOVE YOU)
LOve Sister Fowles

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