Monday, December 3, 2012

Look !!!!  Barney!! the Dinosaur Van!  is here with me in the Philippines!! haha  I saw it as we were walking and I had to take a picture!  I told my Companion, "ina ang salakyan ni Nanay Ko!!" (that is my Mom's Car!)  Basi ari siya di?!! (maybe she is here!) haha.  
THe other picture is of me carrying a bag of rice into sister Lucy's home.. on my head.. like a boy haha.
Shelley's Kid's look great!!
Guess what.. My Camera is broken :(  The screen is black.. So I can't see what i'm taking a picture of.  And I can't adjust settings so it is permanently on this pin hole setting.  So I can still take pictures but I don't know what they look like until I'm on the computer.  Oh well.. Maybe i'll have to buy a new camera.  
I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving now... wow! They don't celebrate thanksgiving here but Yes all the American missionaries hold their own kind of thanksgiving with their filipino companion.  I'll definitely will be doing that..  With sister Guerrero...  and THanksgiving is right before transfers so maybe other sisters will be staying over night at our house so we'll have a thanksgiving party!..
I feel like time is so fast here but it almost is standing still too  because there isn't a change in seasons.. it's still summer here.  You are now experiencing Snow!!  People here don't know what that feels like..  i think I'm getting a nice tan.. especially my feet!!  Way cool, but it could just be dirt permanently staining my skin.
I"m sad I wont be there for the house dedication.. but I think that thanksgiving will be the perfect day for you to celebrate that.

Subong magsabat ako sang mga pumankot nyo.... (Now i will answer your questions)

1)  Do you have to do any tracking? I mean door to door cold contacting?
Our tracting is while we are traveling to our next appointment. usually when we ride a C-cad which is a man biking us to our appointment.. we start talking to him and give him a pamphlet and if they seem interested we try to contact them.

2)  Does your mission president emphasize teaching non-members, or simply rescuing the members who are inactive?
OUr mission president emphasizes on establishing the church.. right now we want to focus on the area goals. we have 15 names of less-active members that we are focusing on trying to help them return.. We also teach lots of investigators and we try to teach our recent converts so they don't go less-active...  it's all about Conversion/ Retention/ and Reactivation

3)  Is the BoM your basic approach?Our approach is discerning the spirit what they need.. We teach people not lessons.  I've been trying to always have at least one scripture verse to share. We learn better when it comes from pulong sang Dios (words of God)

4) Do you speak simply hillganon? or other dialects as well?  Do you feel as this an example os speaking in tongues?
I'm striving to learn Hillagaynon and I have a mix of Tagalog.. but if I get assigned to Antique in the future I'll have to learn Kinaray-a  Which sounds hard haha Oton is on the boarder near Antique so There are Some investigators who speak it.. I pray for the gift of tongues everyday.. I still feel behind.. I'm striving and I think by the last day of my mission I might of things figured out..

I'm sad mitt romney lost.. maybe it's not time yet.. will he run again??  People here in the philippines I think root for Obama because he has better foreign relations or something.. so that applies to them.
anyways... keep me updated I love you all so much!!
Till next week.. oh p.s.  It's close to Christmas which means we can Skype AGAIN!!!  YAH!!!!!
 I love you!!  Salamat so GOod News!!!
Halong! Palangga Ta ka

Sister Fowles

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