Monday, December 3, 2012


Woa!!  Jace and Alli are so big.  Alli is losing teeth! lol..  I got a letter from Shelley from Dear Elder!  salamat. I think I did Recieve Marsha's letter too.
Happy Birthday Cammers and Ksenya!
This last week has been crazy. Sister LourdAnn called us and said she was in the hospitl throwing up blood.. We got permission to go see her because she was all alone.. When we got there we helped her and her husband fill out paper work because her husbnd is kind of slow. and while we stayed there, Her husbnd was able to go watch their two kids at home..  One of my cherished moments was when it was just me and Sister Lourdann in the hospital room and I started to wash her feet because she had dried blood on her feet. I felt like the savior when he washed the feet of his disciples.. a pure love.  While I waited with her she was so tired and before she fell asleep she looked at me and said thank you.. I wanted to cry.. I started praying there in my heart that everything would be ok.. When we arrived in the hospital she told us that we are her only friends. The next day we did service and went to clean her home.. she had mountains of laundry and dirty dishes..  We asked around for members to accompany her at the hospital because we couldn't stay over night with her..  SIster Veronica Is a true angel from heaven. She volunteered to help sister lourdann even when she has a family of her own.. I've never met someone who is more loving and giving of herself then sister Veronica.. I know that the lord will bless her and I hope that someday her older children will accept the gospel with her.
My other favorite memory for this week was when we visited the Bibiolata family and they are very less-active.. Their attitude wasn't too friendly at first when we came and it was so late and dark outside that I didn't want to stay anylonger and just go home because I was hungry..  We stayed and just talked with them for like an hour.. just getting to know them, no teaching.. Then we finally started the lesson about the restoration and the atmosphere had totally changed from when we first got there to when we left.. We applied how They had the gospel in their life and it now is lost and it too can be restored just like the story of the restoration and Joseph Smith.  The best part is.. Brother Bibiolata came to church last week :) It's a good feeling when you see them..
I love you all.. Keep up the positive attitudes, it really can change your day. Be safe and I love you
WRITE LETTERS! you know who you are.. haha just kidding..
Love SIster Fowles

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