Monday, December 3, 2012



We have an Investigator, Denmark Dela Cerna. I think I mentioned him last week.  But His birthday is on JULY 18th the same as yours!!!!  SO we are celebrating with him. It will be like i'm celebrating your birthday too Dad.  We are cooking Pancit and we are buying him a cake.  I hope it will be fun. He's pretty shy but we can tell that they are trusting us more and more each week.  
THis last week we did some service for a lady in our ward. Sister Benares. Her husband was in a motor accident and has been in the hospital. He's alright he just had surgery on his hand. They have been stressed with their financial expense. When we visited we saw the heap of laundry and choirs not yet done. So we came back to help her with her laundry and weeded her yard. She didn't want us to help but You could tell that she was grateful and that it was very much needed.  When I was weeding, Sister Benares asked if I have ever weeded before in America..  Haha I said, Oh yes, lots of times, my Dad would make me." So as I was doing service it brought back memories of home and i'm grateful that I wasn't this silly American who has never done yard work before.. 
That's funny that you looked up Balut.  It's Manami!!  I haven't had feathers yet.  But it really doesn't taste bad.. You just can't look at it.  I'm not a picky eater at all and I think that has helped.. I've eaten some weird things.. fish, squid adobo,  this stuff that looks like little tiny mino fish... they dry them and then you fry them and then you eat them..  Masarap!  
The people in the ward are great. I love my bishop. Bishop Cawilan. He's funny but you can tell that being a bishop is hard and that he can feel the weight on his shoulders. He likes us and is very grateful for us and our work. He expresses gratitude for us and he also is very willing to work with us.  
My District and ZOne are pretty cool. My old District leader was Elder Ordeniza and now it is Elder Perez... Elder Perez and Elder Ferris are companions which is pretty funny because the people pronounce their names the exact same way... Because P=Fs and S=Zs.  We don't really have time to get to know the other missionaries because we only see them on Tuesdays for District meeting and sometimes on P-day while we are shopping.  We have a couple missionary in our district Elder and Sister Robinson... They ARE THE BEST>  They bake us cookies and brownies because they have an oven in their home.  Elder Robinson reminds me of Mr. Rogers.. you know, that old T.V show.  That is him! He's so nice.  They came and did an apartment check to see if our apartment was "celestial" and before they were done he gave a prayer in the home and it was just such a good feeling. Especially with a priesthood holder. 
Good to Hear that The Cooks are home...  Ha ha you can borrow any clothes or shoes you want Kristi.. I'm glad to hear that you recieved the stamps I was nervous you had moved before you get them...  Love you
LOve you all soooooooooo Much.!!!! Palanga Ko Kamo!! GID!!!!!
So that is all.  Got to run and work... Love Sister Fowles

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