Monday, December 3, 2012

YEAH BIRTHDAY KO NA (Yeah it's my birthday) Ako Pa (I'm the man)

YEAH  BIRTHDAY KO NA  (Yeah it's my birthday) Ako Pa  (I'm the man)

I received Mike and Jared's letters last week.  Jared, great timing.. you sent the birthday letter on July 2 and I got it July 21! It sounds like Colorado is way worse "heat-wise" then here.. 100 degrees yikes. just answering some of the question's i remember. We have illongo BOM and Tagalog BOMs even Cebuano too.  My district is cool we have 2 Elders E. Perez, Ferris and 2 sisters... sis Gantiles and Butler and then the couple missionary... the RObinsons.  THey are so awesome.. WE also have 2 other districts in our zone.  And we are starting to play volleyball on Pdays with them.. I'm trying to make our Zone more "Fun".  OUr church building is nice.. tile floors. it has two seperate buildings, one for the chapel and stage, and one that has all of the classrooms and bishops office.  there is a basketball court out side and it is surrounded by a gated fence.  and yes we have a ping pong table :)
MIke, I loved hearing about Drew sharing a talk in primary and his testimony!  That made me cry.  I saw the pictures you sent in the email too. they are sooo cute.  I can email to anyone in my family but I only have so much time to read and respond to emails so there can't be a lot of emails for me to read.  Congrats Mike on you calling too, YOu Da MAN! (Ikaw pa)
Happy Birthday again Pops.. I celebrated it here in the Philippines with Denmark DelaCerna.  I sent a picture of the DelaCerna Pamilya.  it has their grandma, Raymond, Rodel, Patricio then on the floor is sister Novilla, Bishop, Denmark, and Ronald, and me. Our bishop is sitting on the floor. haha he's way funny. 
The other picture is me and Carmela in front and Catherine and John lorence behind me.  Catherine is 10 and has a baptism date on Aug 11 with Carmela her sister who is 8 now!!!!!
ON my Birthday we had an FHE with the Gumban family and Sister Richie bought me a huge cake! ube flavor, what ever that is?? I was happy because the kids wanted cake and we weren't able to get one.. So it all works out in the end.  
Oh how you say sister is Kapatid, which means sibling and it is not gender specific. so it could mean sister or brother.  then there is "kuya" older brother or "atay" means older sister.  But You always say SIster FOwles in english.  
OKay Sorry I have to go...

Palangga taka..
Sister FOwles

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