Monday, December 3, 2012

So i have big news... I'm transferring!

So i have big news... I'm transferring! 
I don't know where I'll be going but we are going down to Iloilo tomorrow to hear Elder Bednar!! and I'll stay there for a day and then on Thursday we find out where we go and who my new companion will be..  Sad news, I'm leaving Sis Patricio :(  And my area. The people i've met.  I'm sad because I probably won't see them again.. Sis Patricio is sad because we thought for sure she would be transferring. We found out last night so I'm ways stressed with having to pack in one day!  
Some more good news.. Den Mark and Ronald were baptized last Saturday and we saw them receive the Holy Ghost on Sunday :)  It was such a good experience seeing Den Mark being baptized.. He doesn't smile much but when he does, it's the best.  I wanted to cry seeing him be baptized, knowing that we are the missionaries who found them and were able to see them enter into the waters of baptism. Not every missionary gets to see their investigators be baptized; usually they transfer before.  I'm so sad that I won't see them pass the sacrament. I'll keep in-touch with letters. My ability to love has grown so much.. It breaks your heart when you have to leave.  Hopefully my new area will be good and I'll be blessed with my new companion.
Mom the answer to your question is yes, I'm happy now, it's still hard every day but with moments like these... with Den Mark and Ronald. the People I would have never met. Sister Sheila, Jun and their family. Bishop Cauilan. the Gumban Family, Catherine and Carmela! I'll tell you all about them when I get home.. Especially Sister Patricio.. I love her! I'm sad that I wont be companions with her again. 
Yes Dad I studied the assignment. I really liked D&C 6:34-37 to fear not and perform with soberness.  I learned about using your gifts to help others receive the ultimate gift of salvation.  I need to have faith because with out faith you have nothing.  I really like D&C 16 about the thing that will be of most worth to you and your life is to cry repentance unto this people so you can dwell in happiness with them after this life.  So I know that I will see my friends here again some day.
The house sounds great with the yard etc. I pray for Mom every day. I pray that her surgery will go smoothly and that I know that she shouldn't fear. If you have faith it means you have no fear.. Don't fear for the Lord is on your side. And is with you

I love you so so much Youre always in my prayers.
LOve Sister Fowles

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