Monday, December 3, 2012

WHAT SHELLEY NOW TOO!!  I can't believe it.. I'm so overwhelmed with joy that I'll have two new pumunkins... ah!!! so many changes.  Congrats I love you all so much.
Salamat Sa letters!! I got Jared's funny letter and I received the package you sent..  By the way, getting packages is like the best thing in the world.. thank you so much. the Starbursts are great, My filipina companions have never tried starbursts.. I loved the story that Jared wrote.. about the Philadelphia and beyond.. I want to read more.. more! So funny. .  Packages are also fun for making other missionaries jealous.. haha  Salamat for the new skirt and outfit.. all of my clothes are so worn out, old and stretched out..  the new skirt was long over due.. so to make the long story short... you should send me another package. haha
I have a new companion!!!  Sister Gantiles.. You say it Gan-Tee-less not like Gentiles... We were in the same district in Kalibo.. and now we are companions!! Sister Guerrero is in ROxas so cool!! I want to go to Roxas some day.. SIster SHocker is in Roxas and is a TRAINER now!!! but her bata (child) hasn't come yet from the Provo MTC. apparently the provo missionaries didn't get their VISAs .. they were sent to the wrong place so they have to wait a week until they can come yet...  But it was fun to see sister Schocker again when she came down to transfer meeting.. I got to spend Thanksgiving with her and sister Guerrero.. We had Filipino style Spaghetti, Chooks roasted chicken (the closest thing to Turkey) and mango shakes.. and I had everyone go around and say what they were grateful for.. Sister Guerrero says that this is a holiday tradition that she will keep in her future family.
I"m trying now to lead the area!! ahh  new experience for me .. I sometimes don't know what to do.. its hard!! I pray that I"ll receive revelation for the area and the people here in OTON.   
about the skype thing.. I forgot my info.. I tried looking back sa old emails but I can't find the email where you sent me a password..  Maybe we'll just try sending me the information again.. or make me a new account.. 
THe pictures are of thanksgiving. Me and the Apitong family and me and sister Gantiles..
SOrry there is no time this week.. I have to send in reports.. I love you all so much,.. 
I love you, I love you , I love you
Halong (ilongo), ingat (tagalog), dahan (aklanon), andam (kinaraya), Take care (english),  
Sister FOwles

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