Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lots of love

So a little set back. My Stake President called me a few weeks ago and said that they have postpone the date we enter the MTC to the 22nd of Feb.  An entire 3 weeks later!  Apparently the MTC is doing an accelerated learning program where we learn the same amount of material in 6 weeks instead of 9.  I would be more than happy to have a few more weeks to try and learn the language but I figure that I'll be grateful not being in the MTC for so long. And they always say you learn the language better in the field anyway. So when February 1st rolled around I had such a weird feeling, I would have been at the MTC if it were not for the change.
So here I am. Less than a week away. My mind is going absolutely crazy with emotions.  I feel really scared and sad leaving but at the same time I know I should be so excited and happy. This is a new experience for me, one that will change my life dramatically. I'm so excited to meet new friends for life!  My best friend Kenzee just left last Wednesday. She is going to New Mexico. She left exactly one week before me and we'll be home around the same time too!
These last weeks have been so memorable. I love everyone who have been so supporting and that have talked about the Philippines mission with me. I want to thank Mike and Vangie Olmstead for going to the temple with me, My good friends: Whitney, Patrick, Lauren, Brenda, Sadie, Quinn, Kelsey, Lindsey, Shay, Albert, Nick and everyone else. Trent for always being there <3, Mike for teaching me some basic Tagalog, Rob and Jeff showing me pictures, the Cabatu's dinner, the Strombergs showing us the way, for CJ Roberts Testimony, my Dad for his words of wisdom, my loving Mother for all of her time and effort getting me ready, My entire family, I love you all so much! And there are so many others to thank.  I LOVE YOU.