Monday, December 3, 2012

WHAT SHELLEY NOW TOO!!  I can't believe it.. I'm so overwhelmed with joy that I'll have two new pumunkins... ah!!! so many changes.  Congrats I love you all so much.
Salamat Sa letters!! I got Jared's funny letter and I received the package you sent..  By the way, getting packages is like the best thing in the world.. thank you so much. the Starbursts are great, My filipina companions have never tried starbursts.. I loved the story that Jared wrote.. about the Philadelphia and beyond.. I want to read more.. more! So funny. .  Packages are also fun for making other missionaries jealous.. haha  Salamat for the new skirt and outfit.. all of my clothes are so worn out, old and stretched out..  the new skirt was long over due.. so to make the long story short... you should send me another package. haha
I have a new companion!!!  Sister Gantiles.. You say it Gan-Tee-less not like Gentiles... We were in the same district in Kalibo.. and now we are companions!! Sister Guerrero is in ROxas so cool!! I want to go to Roxas some day.. SIster SHocker is in Roxas and is a TRAINER now!!! but her bata (child) hasn't come yet from the Provo MTC. apparently the provo missionaries didn't get their VISAs .. they were sent to the wrong place so they have to wait a week until they can come yet...  But it was fun to see sister Schocker again when she came down to transfer meeting.. I got to spend Thanksgiving with her and sister Guerrero.. We had Filipino style Spaghetti, Chooks roasted chicken (the closest thing to Turkey) and mango shakes.. and I had everyone go around and say what they were grateful for.. Sister Guerrero says that this is a holiday tradition that she will keep in her future family.
I"m trying now to lead the area!! ahh  new experience for me .. I sometimes don't know what to do.. its hard!! I pray that I"ll receive revelation for the area and the people here in OTON.   
about the skype thing.. I forgot my info.. I tried looking back sa old emails but I can't find the email where you sent me a password..  Maybe we'll just try sending me the information again.. or make me a new account.. 
THe pictures are of thanksgiving. Me and the Apitong family and me and sister Gantiles..
SOrry there is no time this week.. I have to send in reports.. I love you all so much,.. 
I love you, I love you , I love you
Halong (ilongo), ingat (tagalog), dahan (aklanon), andam (kinaraya), Take care (english),  
Sister FOwles

Happy THanksgiving! I would try and translate it but they don't have that holiday here.  it would be something like Malipayan nga ginahatagan pasalamat.
Um so I saw a movie poster for the Hobbit!! I want to see that so bad~! temptations.. ugh haha I hope you are keeping a list of the must-see movies.. I also saw a glimps of the preview of the new twilight movie as i walked passed.. it was like
Last week We found out that there is a local radio station where every sunday night some of the missionaries are invited to teach, answer questions and sing songs.. the Radio house is also in OUR AREA so we stopped by last Sunday before we went home.. The elders were talking on the radio and they were surprised to see us walk in that they almost messed up.. We are thinking of maybe going on air too but I'm too huya (shy) I would mess up..
It's transfers again.. Next week I might have a new companion.. I'll still be here in OTON.. for CHRISTMAS! woot woot.
FOr thanksgiving we are going to cook speghetti.. that's what sister Guerrero wants.. and we are going to buy a roticery(I don't know how to spell that) chicken Because they don't really have turkey here.. I've only seen two turkeys since i've been here.. Maybe i'll make some traditional deviled eggs... I told her this and she's never had them.. and she's not too sure about having "DeVIL" eggs haha
We are having a non-christmas, Christmas conference coming up. We have to present a 15 minute skit.. about the saviors birth or ministry. not sure what we are going to do yet.
I don't like transfers.. our district leader is dying this week.. which means he's going home.. so we'll have lots of new people in our district.. we have a way cool district.. ELder Karlson, Elder Digal who is way good at drawing animated characters.. he drew us! I'll show you sometime.. Elder Kaufana from Tonga, Elder Faran who is on his death bed and Elder Galloway and Elder Turner.. We are the only 2 sisters so we are spoiled.
the picture is of me and sister Veronica  the Angel here in OTON..
and the other is of us at the radio station.. we are with Elder Domincel and Kaaa.  that is Elder Kaaa who sister Cabatu knows...
/Anyways  pray for me and this language and that I'll be able to lead the area if Sister Guerrero leaves me..
I love you all so much...
P.S. maybe President Cook and Carol will be the new ILOILO presidents in JULY!  that is when President Pagaduan and sister are leaving...
LOVe Sister FOwles

Look !!!!  Barney!! the Dinosaur Van!  is here with me in the Philippines!! haha  I saw it as we were walking and I had to take a picture!  I told my Companion, "ina ang salakyan ni Nanay Ko!!" (that is my Mom's Car!)  Basi ari siya di?!! (maybe she is here!) haha.  
THe other picture is of me carrying a bag of rice into sister Lucy's home.. on my head.. like a boy haha.
Shelley's Kid's look great!!
Guess what.. My Camera is broken :(  The screen is black.. So I can't see what i'm taking a picture of.  And I can't adjust settings so it is permanently on this pin hole setting.  So I can still take pictures but I don't know what they look like until I'm on the computer.  Oh well.. Maybe i'll have to buy a new camera.  
I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving now... wow! They don't celebrate thanksgiving here but Yes all the American missionaries hold their own kind of thanksgiving with their filipino companion.  I'll definitely will be doing that..  With sister Guerrero...  and THanksgiving is right before transfers so maybe other sisters will be staying over night at our house so we'll have a thanksgiving party!..
I feel like time is so fast here but it almost is standing still too  because there isn't a change in seasons.. it's still summer here.  You are now experiencing Snow!!  People here don't know what that feels like..  i think I'm getting a nice tan.. especially my feet!!  Way cool, but it could just be dirt permanently staining my skin.
I"m sad I wont be there for the house dedication.. but I think that thanksgiving will be the perfect day for you to celebrate that.

Subong magsabat ako sang mga pumankot nyo.... (Now i will answer your questions)

1)  Do you have to do any tracking? I mean door to door cold contacting?
Our tracting is while we are traveling to our next appointment. usually when we ride a C-cad which is a man biking us to our appointment.. we start talking to him and give him a pamphlet and if they seem interested we try to contact them.

2)  Does your mission president emphasize teaching non-members, or simply rescuing the members who are inactive?
OUr mission president emphasizes on establishing the church.. right now we want to focus on the area goals. we have 15 names of less-active members that we are focusing on trying to help them return.. We also teach lots of investigators and we try to teach our recent converts so they don't go less-active...  it's all about Conversion/ Retention/ and Reactivation

3)  Is the BoM your basic approach?Our approach is discerning the spirit what they need.. We teach people not lessons.  I've been trying to always have at least one scripture verse to share. We learn better when it comes from pulong sang Dios (words of God)

4) Do you speak simply hillganon? or other dialects as well?  Do you feel as this an example os speaking in tongues?
I'm striving to learn Hillagaynon and I have a mix of Tagalog.. but if I get assigned to Antique in the future I'll have to learn Kinaray-a  Which sounds hard haha Oton is on the boarder near Antique so There are Some investigators who speak it.. I pray for the gift of tongues everyday.. I still feel behind.. I'm striving and I think by the last day of my mission I might of things figured out..

I'm sad mitt romney lost.. maybe it's not time yet.. will he run again??  People here in the philippines I think root for Obama because he has better foreign relations or something.. so that applies to them.
anyways... keep me updated I love you all so much!!
Till next week.. oh p.s.  It's close to Christmas which means we can Skype AGAIN!!!  YAH!!!!!
 I love you!!  Salamat so GOod News!!!
Halong! Palangga Ta ka

Sister Fowles

What What what!!!! I'll have a new Pumunkin!!! (niece/nephew) before I get home!!!  Woa. Kristi and Rob Congrats!!  Oh my goodness, I'll be here on the mission for one entire pregnancy. That makes it seem like a long time. haha But it will go by fast. P.S. I think I hit my half way mark on Halloween..
Happy BIrthday Megan! Also I think I forgot to tell Scott happy birthday..:( so Happy Birthday Scott I love you.
I liked your dream dad.. especially me coming out of a drain.. that's cool. P.S. I think I could feel that hug too ;) Congrats with your "cherry-on-top presentation" That's my pops! way to go! What did you talk about?
Mom Keep getting better and stop coughing every 20 seconds Thats not good haha. THat's exciting for Natalie Fronks Call!! Finland will be a hard language to learn.. I know she can do it..  I got Jade's wedding announcement! She looks so beautiful and they look so happy!  I'm happy for her and Trevor.
Wow awesome Halloween Outfits!!!  I'm so happy you sent me those pictures! I feel like if you keep sending me pictures through out the rest of my mission the shock of when I see my nieces and nephews again wont be such a blow.  They already look sooo different and grown up.  Everyone looks so good!  I kind of forgot about Halloween because no one really celebrates it.. I think I saw two trick-or-treaters..  What I did see was the crowd of people entering the cemetery..It is like our memorial day but it's way more crowded and a lot more CANDLES. People were selling tonz of candles and snacks outside of the entrance to the cemetery. There was so much traffic it was hard to make it to our appointments.. and then when we did make it.. all our investigators were gone. To the Cemetery. haha.  
One cool experience I want to share before I forget. The other day it was late at night and we needed to bring Jaylord ( sister lourdAnn's boy) to the hospital because both of his parents were there and he was staying with a babysitter.  So we were trying to have him come with us but you could see in his face that he was scared and he didn't want to go.. He was being sabad (not listening/naughty) and we were frustrated thinking how can we get him to trust us and to go with strangers in-order for him to be back with his parents. So a cool thing happened. we called Jason (his father) and had Jaylord hear him on the phone.  Jaylord is like 4 years old and can't talk very well but he could hear his fathers voice on the phone.. His father talked to him saying.. come here Jaylord Go with them.. they'll bring you to us.. Dali di, dali di. (come here, come here)  Then after that.. Jaylord didn't complain he let us help him change his clothes and find his shoes. and he trusted in his fathers words that we would bring him to his parents.. ITs kind of the same way with missionaries and investigators.. at first they can be scared of us, not cooperative and sabad.. But if they would only listen to there father in heaven telling them.. Go with the missionaries..Trust them.. they'll bring you back to me.. Dali di, dali di.  Just kind of a cool lesson I learned from a child.. Those are always the most meaningful.
I love you all!  Be safe I pray and Do your home/visiting teaching.. magnify your callings.. keep your covenants.. I hope You are all doing the things that I'm teaching people to do out here..
Palanga ta ka! 
Love Sister Fowles.

WOW!!!! 471% increase in missionaries!!!

WOW!!!!  471% increase in missionaries!!!  What!!!!  4000 now a week!!  THe Apostles really have their hands full now with assigning missionaries to missions..  haha..  I can't wait to see the 1st 18 year old elders and 19 year old Sisters here in ILOILO!!!!
DAD!!!  Breathe, you can do it.. Don't stress out about your presentation!  You are amazing!  I"m so proud of you and I know you will do a great job..  Make me proud !!!
Some funny moments i've remembered diri sa Philippines... the moment when I saw the ice cream trolly man passing by us jamming out to the song "My Sharona" instead of the normal ice cream jingle song..  He made everyone smile as he passed by..  The day when I was teaching in Benji's home and I looked at their wooden cabinet with a glass door and saw a live chicken sitting inside..  It was like that movie.. the Indian Cupboard. or something haha.  And the car that passed us with a full c-cad tied to the top..  You know how they usually have a bike rack and bikes tied to the tops of vehicles.. it was the bike and the side car attached and harnessed to the car.  I guess you'll wont really think it's funny unless you've lived here. 
I love sister Swarna!!  she is so good at EVERYTHING.  IT has been so fun with the three of us.. We like to call ourselves the United Nations because we have an American, Filipina and an Indian in our companionship!  SO we can cover just about any language over here..  
This morning we had breakfast with Sister Pagaduan and the City Sisters.. It was so fun.. We played badmitton and yoga.  This is SIster Swarna's last few days before she leaves on Wednesday for India.  She is a legend now..
This last Sunday was conference and I was so happy to see brother Jerome come for the 1st time since i've been in Oton.. He is a part-member family and we just gave them a baptismal date for December22 and it is the best feeling when you see them at church... the BEST. Then Junel (Jerome's Brother) and Julivie also came to church. it's been like 2 months since they've been to church so We hope they will continue to go.
They don't really celebrate Halloween just all Souls day and all Saints day which is on November 1 and 2. But I did see Halloween costumes and decorations for sale at the store.. But usually people go straight to Christmas here.. It's funny because winter here is just a cool breeze..  My companions are always so cold and I tell them that they should spend Christmas in Utah and they'll know the really meaning of cold.
Have to Go and work now.  I love you all so much.
Be safe I love you and YOU ARE BLESSED>

Palangga ta ka.  Halong  Love SIster Fowles.


Woa!!  Jace and Alli are so big.  Alli is losing teeth! lol..  I got a letter from Shelley from Dear Elder!  salamat. I think I did Recieve Marsha's letter too.
Happy Birthday Cammers and Ksenya!
This last week has been crazy. Sister LourdAnn called us and said she was in the hospitl throwing up blood.. We got permission to go see her because she was all alone.. When we got there we helped her and her husband fill out paper work because her husbnd is kind of slow. and while we stayed there, Her husbnd was able to go watch their two kids at home..  One of my cherished moments was when it was just me and Sister Lourdann in the hospital room and I started to wash her feet because she had dried blood on her feet. I felt like the savior when he washed the feet of his disciples.. a pure love.  While I waited with her she was so tired and before she fell asleep she looked at me and said thank you.. I wanted to cry.. I started praying there in my heart that everything would be ok.. When we arrived in the hospital she told us that we are her only friends. The next day we did service and went to clean her home.. she had mountains of laundry and dirty dishes..  We asked around for members to accompany her at the hospital because we couldn't stay over night with her..  SIster Veronica Is a true angel from heaven. She volunteered to help sister lourdann even when she has a family of her own.. I've never met someone who is more loving and giving of herself then sister Veronica.. I know that the lord will bless her and I hope that someday her older children will accept the gospel with her.
My other favorite memory for this week was when we visited the Bibiolata family and they are very less-active.. Their attitude wasn't too friendly at first when we came and it was so late and dark outside that I didn't want to stay anylonger and just go home because I was hungry..  We stayed and just talked with them for like an hour.. just getting to know them, no teaching.. Then we finally started the lesson about the restoration and the atmosphere had totally changed from when we first got there to when we left.. We applied how They had the gospel in their life and it now is lost and it too can be restored just like the story of the restoration and Joseph Smith.  The best part is.. Brother Bibiolata came to church last week :) It's a good feeling when you see them..
I love you all.. Keep up the positive attitudes, it really can change your day. Be safe and I love you
WRITE LETTERS! you know who you are.. haha just kidding..
Love SIster Fowles

Ashley Pictures

Philippine skies...

Philippine skies...
Pasensyia My letter is late, we didn't get to a computer shop until later today. 
Transfered happened and i'm still in OTON big surprise haha joke-lang. I"m still with sister Guerrero which is great! and Now we have sister Swarna!!!! we are a th3-some for 2 weeks..  Want to know why?? because Sister Swarna is being transferred back to INDIA to open a new area for Sister missionaries!!!!  so they are pulling out some Indian sisters from the Philippines to help train new missionaries in INDIA and Sister Swarna is one of them!  cool huh!!
Also Sister Patricio transferred from Kalibo to Antique and Sister Schocker transferred from Iloilo NOrth to Roxas zone and she is a SENIOR now.. CRAZY! She is following up a sister who just got trained..  So the time is going fast!!!  aHH slow down.
So I"m back with sister Swarna liwat (again) just like the 1st day i was here.
Conference was so great !!  I want more..  I'm so sad I have to wait another 6 months. I loved President Packer talking about my favorite song "Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy" It reminded me of Dad and his lighthouses.  I loved Elder Holland about his narration of the story of Peter talking to Jesus.. and How he needs people who LOVE HIM and who will feed his sheep.  He needs disciples, He needs Loyalty, he needs us to not go back to how we were before.  ELder Uchdorf talking about no regrets.. To enjoy the journey. That before we die we should learn to live.. Even if it is hard now, once it's over then it's over.  OH I wish I had brought my notes so i could share more. 
I'm loving the Philippines more and  more everyday. The sunsets are breath-taking.. don't you agree..  they look even better in person..
Oton is really hard, especially with getting people to church.. We are happy that we were able to have 2 investigators come to conference. Sister Lourdann, who is in the picture I sent. so we are excited to follow up with them and what they noticed or felt from the words of our prophet.
OH man.. Time is gone liwat!!  it's so dasig ang tiempo! (time is fast)
Halong Kamo! Palangga Ko Kamo!!  

LOve sister FOwles
Oh my Goodness!! 
Cameron looks sooo different!  He's so big!!  and he has hair now  haha  Cute Cute  He looks a lot like Mike!!
What WHAT WHAT  19 year old Girls and 18 year olds can go on missions now! woa woa big news..  We have conference next week..  SO i'm way excited for that... any talks I should Look out for?? Or that you loved?
Last week I went on Splits with the S.A. in our ward.. And i'm leading lessons.  I never thought that would happen..It's always scary for me not to be with my companion.
I still at times get down because of the language.. And It's so hard to get up in the mornings because we're so tired.. I think it's about time to have another General Conference to help boost my energy and to motivate again.k
Last week we met an Iglesian Ni Cristokk who is staying at one of our investigators homes and he was asking us about our faith.. and it's way cool because usually i.n.c's are very hard headed and are all about debating.. pero we really could feel his curiosity and openness to our message..
The work is the same every day.. I don't really have anything new to say except that it's still beautiful here.  It still rains hard. it's still hard to get investigators to church.. especially when the husbands don't let their wives go  :(  
I still get news from sister Patricio about our converts in Kalibo!!! the Dela Cerna family is doing great!  they have the priesthood now and are passing the sacrament!!! I love them and miss them.
This week is transfers again... I'm so nervous that Sister Guerrero might leave me and I'll have to lead the area. 6 weeks is not long enough.. and it feels way short especially after I had like 5 months with sister Patricio.. If I only have 6 weeks with sister Guerrero it will be too short!!!   
i love you so much.. next week i'll have some better insight for you since I'll get to hear conference!!!  yeah  a chance to listen to the living prophet today..... I don't think i've appreciated having a living prophet like i do now.. especially when this is what we are teaching the people here.. and I hope they take the opportunity to listen to the prophet this weekend... they are so lucky.
Sige Sorry it's short email.. But I love the pictures. Everyone will be so different when I get back.. I hope Cammers will remember me.
Love you all

Love Sister Fowles

More Pics

Dear Pamilya

Kumusta Kamo?  Nahidlaw ako sa inyo gid!    Malipay ako nga nakabati halin sa inyo.      Magpadayon ako nga magpangamuyo para sa inyo tanan.
((How are you?        I miss you so much!                 ( I am happy to hear from you.)                 ( I will continue to pray for you all.))

Last week we had a Family Fun walk where we walked along the river bay with our families and wards to celebrate Family week.
We had these cool yellow shirts with a shoe print logo and I got to see Sister Schocker again!  She is assigned in Iloilo North zone which is right next to my zone (Iloilo)
I sent you a picture of Sister Lourd Ann and her two kids (Princess and JayLord)  They are so cute.
I haven't received the package you sent for my birthday yet.. haha it's been like 4 months.. :(  
It's way hard to send letters here.  It costs a lot and it's hard to travel to a post office. But i'm planning soon to make a trip and send some letters to my friends.
Thank you for the Email Dad.. your short insight really help me keep focused and keep me from feeling down..
Thanks for the email MIKE I hope that I will get emails like that from the people I teach in 15 years time.
It's getting harder as more and more of the responsibility is falling on to my shoulders.. I still struggle with the language and with understanding people..  not only do I have to translate the language but I have to discern the spirit in lessons and try to be a instrument for the spirit to testify.  It's So BUDLAY!! (Difficult)
We are so excited to hear conference.. we get to see it on Oct 14 at our stake center.. Buhi nga propeta!!  (living prophet!)  I can't believe this is my second Conference..  I only have one more left after this one... Weird!
The Oton apartment is way nice.. it's inside a gated compound.  Their are two homes inside the gate and our neighbor constantly will come by and give us fruit, and remind us to take out our garbage.  They have dog named Neelo who always greets us when we come home.. 
Our area is nice but it is huge and their are tonz of less-active members.. 
Thanks for the pictures! Mom you look skinnier :) the yard looks nice and green.. Are you excited for your first Christmas in the new home?? I'm excited for my first Christmas here sa PHilippines.  Apparently it's a big thing.. 
PS Jared  Yes  I have had the siopao (show-pow) and it's pretty good.. But there are things here even better than siopao haha  Things like Buko shake which is a coconut smoothie!  Masarap, Namit,  or in other words Delicious. 
Some things have happened this week like we were in an accident with a jeepny and motorcycle but I won't tell you about it because it will just scare you haha.. But we are fine.. it's just crazy that we were right there when it happened. And plus Sister Guerrero is a nurse so if something were ever to happen to us I know I am in good hands.
Sige  I love you all and I am glad to hear about MOM!
I love you. Keep being disciples of Christ and make your Heavenly Father proud and "well-pleased" with what you do.
Lift where you Stand
Sister Fowles

-from iloilo mission...So nice they named it twice ;)

Pictures from Ashley

Good Morning! Maayong Aga!

Good Morning! Maayong Aga!
This Last week we had a giant Tuko in our bathroom.. Those big gecko Lizards. It was so scary lookin with its white skin and red dots..  Me and Sister Guerrero had a good time throwing permitherine at it and trying to shew it out of the house.. I have a pretty funny video of it.. mostly it's just us screaming as the tuko starts running.
Last week we washed sister LourdAnn's clothes for her because she has been sick and had a mountain of laundry to do.  I love her and her cute baby Princess..  I've met three babies now in Oton with the name Princess..  So if in doubt just say Princess because you have a better chance of getting it right..
This last week I slipped in the mud again.. I'm so clumsy now.. plus I came away with four big scratches on my leg.. Just another remembrance to take with me..  
This last week I gave another talk on Sunday and I said it in the language.. of course it wasn't the best talk I've given due to my limited use of vocabulary but I think it went well. 
I found out that my trainer Sister Salway is working at the MTC now teaching Hillagaynon!!  ugh these new missionaries are so lucky!  This last transfer we had the 1st batch of missionaries who started learning Hillagaynon in Provo. They have all these way cool materials in Hillagaynon!!  they are so lucky.. and they also have a small PMG.  instead of the huge booklets we have... 
This last week we went back to Sister Leah Mae who is a Less active member we met and we picked up Mac Mac (11) and Michael (8) for church on Sunday! THey are her nephews. They are the cutest boys.
Sister Guerrero and I felt like we haven't had a normal week yet during this transfer.. there has always been something out of the normal.. We've had to go to the doctor for Guerrero's check-ups, or meeting with trainers.. etc. etc. We just want a normal week. 
I sent you a picture of the big squid I cooked for lunch.. and my new haircut.. and the kids we played with in this big pile of rice harvest.. and Leah Mae Vergara's Family. Oh and the Tuko.
Last night I was thinking as I was looking at my scriptures.  And I was looking at where my name had been engraven on the cover..  My name has started to rub off and It hadn't started doing that till these last few months.. It's almost all gone now... just my first name is left and it's half faded.. I started thinking about the scripture in Matt 10:39  "He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it."  My name has slowly started disappearing the longer i've been here.. I'm slowly started to forget myself and "losing" myself for his sake.. And as I'm doing that, I'm coming closer to finding.. what matters most.
I look at the calendar and it has been 7 months since I entered the MTC.. It is crazy to think that I'm not the Newbee anymore.. Even though I still feel brand new.  Soon I'll be the senior companion or training!  yikes!!!  that scares me so much... I keep thinking, NOt yet NOT YET.  I'm still new and I"m still learning the language..  
But I love these people i'm meeting and teaching.  I love the culture.  the time is going fast but slow at the same time.. 
I'm grateful for all the support my family is giving to me and to Mom and my Dad.. I love you all and am grateful.  PLease stay safe for me and send me pictures!   There should be a trade... I'll send you some pics if you send just a few too!  alright!?
I love you.
Sister Fowles

So Oton is fun

So Oton is fun.  Here we ride Jeepnies not Tricycles..  Jeepnies are the famous long buses that have no windows and inside there are 2 side benches that run along each side of the bus.  I only rode one once in Kalibo but here it is the main way of transportation.  There is also C-cads here which are just like Tricycles pero.. It is powered by a bicycle not a motorcycle..  So it is a lot slower and you really feel sorry for the man powering the bicycle.. :(  Budlay (difficult).  It is September now  the start of the "BER" months.. like SeptemBER NovemBER DecemBER.  During these three months the Philippines celebrates Christmas!  So its awesome.. the Christmas lights are going up, the Christmas songs are waking us up in the morning.. It's great having Christmas for 4 months.. I'm excited to have my 1st Christmas in the Philippines and to have a Christmas with no snow.. that will be different.. plus the closer Christmas Comes the sooner I'll get to s
Last week Sister Guerrero and I found a Less-active member Her name is Leah Mae and she lives right next to  the baybay (beach). We taught her and some of her neices and nephews!  they are the cutest kids ever.  They were so happy to have us and they were thinking of going to church.. but we didn't see them this week so maybe next week. There are a lot of less-active members in this area so we have a lot of work to do.. 
There is a Sister Veronica and She is amazing.. She has seven kids and her husband passed away not too long ago.. they Call her the missionary mom.  She loves the missionaries and always wants to work with us..  I went on splits with her and I was strengthened by her strong faith. I can see how hard her life is but how she is so selfless and cares more for everyone else.  I was so proud of myself because I could have a conversation with her ( in the language!).
Last week both Sis Guerrero and I were sick, I had tonsillitis and She had the stomach flew.  We had to stay home for a day and Sister Pagaduan and President came and dropped off medicine and Gatorade. I love her. Pero subong (but now) We are feeling great.
Last Sunday President Torres spoke in church and I really loved the things he said.
Also we found this family, Sister Melanie and brother Leonardo and their 3 kids, Cherry ann, Cherry rose, and Cherry mae haha We have been so excited because we heard that brother was really hard and doesn't want to listen to missionaries but we finally were able to teach them and brother said that he's been curious and wants to come to church.. He's heard a lot of good  things about the church and has seen what is has done to his brother-in-law (Junel who was baptized this year). Sister Melanie comes from the Genger family. a family of 12 kids. Half of our less-active members and investigators come from this family.. So it's hard for me because they all look the same and there are tons of children and cousins and they are like all related in the one big family.. and they are always at each others homes so I don't know where they belong or who is who.. haha it's been fun.
I can't believe you said So you think you can dance is almost over.. Time goes by fast now. 
For mom and her surgery I'll be praying and fasting. I know that the power of priesthood blessings are real. I know that if I am struggling I can receive a blessing of comfort.. It works according to our Faith. If we have faith we have hope.. those two go hand in hand.. and IF we have faith there is no room for fear to dwell in us.. 
I love you so much.. I can't express the love I have for you and my family. 

First off, Answers to questions:

First off, Answers to questions:
I couldn't watch the video you sent me.. it wouldn't work.. 
The area I am in is Oton and they speak Hillagaynon (Hill- a- guy- non) and oton is very close to the mission office which is in Iloilo.  
That lady from the philippines, that is in your ward, sent me a big huge card and it was so cute.. Sister Baugh?? or something.. Tell her hi and thanks from me.
Sis Guerrero is from Quezon City, Manila and Sister White is from Arizona.  I DID MEET Elder Kaaa.  He was in Kalibo.  How does sister Kabatu know him? He is way nice and like a pro volleyball player.
Oton is Nice. but I miss Kalibo.. I got a letter from Sister Patricio and from Sister Harvey who are working in my old area... And I started crying when I heard about Den Mark was going to receive the Priesthood this Sunday.. and that Raymond has written me a letter.  Then I heard that this boy Benjie. He's 12 years old, recent convert and has been less-active for a year... We had been teaching him a long time and finally the week I transfer, He decides to go to church.. ugh  haha funny how things like that happen..  
Here in Oton we are teaching Sister Lourd Ann and she is my age but has two kids. She's way funny and I love her.. She has a way strong testimony about the Book of Mormon.. We just have to work with her husband and they also have to earn money to be married.  Her husband Jason is super shy and doesn't like to be asked questions because he is kind of slow..  This has been the hardest part... is when we teach people who are ready but they can't be baptized until they are married.. That was the same problem with Sister Sheila and Jun in Kalibo.. So it's kind of hard to face that challenge but I know that We are all just instruments in the lord's hands and even if they are not baptized before you leave the area, when they eventually are baptized, You still feel like you were apart of their conversion process or had a part in their baptism..Just looking at the big picture.
So Sister White went home yesterday. it's been hard but we know that this will be the best thing for her, our area, and for the future.
It's been a long and crazy week.  It felt long because of the new area, new companions, new investigators and branch.. Also dealing with challenges.. But I can say that Sunday evening felt so good when we started teaching sister Elizabeth.  Sis. Guerrero told me that they had stopped teaching her because brother (her husband) didn't want to listen anymore.. but one day when we were walking by.. SIster Elizabeth comes running towards us and wants us to start teaching again and that she had been reading the scriptures and wanted to share a message with US!!! haha... So we were so excited and when we went back on Sunday, me and Sister Guerrero felt the spirit while sister was over whelmed with excitement, telling us what she had learned from the scriptures.. We didn't end up teaching what we had planned but we followed the spirit and had a good lesson about how the foundation of your testimony come amit amit (step by step), not all at once.  \and just the entire rest of the day went better, we contacted a referral and things seemed to flow smoother.. I'm grateful for the things I've learned and for Sister Guerrero's help in teaching me how to be a better ME.
So I'm happy to hear from you again.. Be safe and I'm always praying for you. P.S. I'm getting a haircut today. Which I thought I would never do in the Philippines because I'm just too nervous. So hopefully it won't be pangit (ugly).
I love you 
Palanga taka
Sister Fowles

P.S.  What picture did you show in your class Dad!?? THat's embarrassing  haha

Dear Elders and Sisters

Dear Elders and Sisters,

This is the copy of the picture that was taken during our Missionary Discussion with Elder Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Enjoy & Halong!

Wow What changes..

Wow What changes..
I have been transferred to Oton which is near Iloilo city. Oton is a branch, so coming from a Ward in Kalibo to a small branch has been a big difference. There are about 70 active members and they are lacking a lot of Priesthood holders. Most are less-active. We met our Branch President. Pres. Catalan and he seems really great.  ....Guess what. I'm in a 3-some again.. My companions are Sister Guerrero and Sister White.  Sis Guerrero is Batch mates with Sis Patricio so they have both been here for a year.  And Sister White, she is the batch after me. She is still being trained.. She is... well lets just say that the mission is already having a lot of problems with her and both Sister Guerrero and I are having problems.  I don't want to bother you with details.  She just is having a hard time adjusting. 
Transferring has been a blessing. The coolest thing is This area that i am in now was the area that I worked in on my very first day here in the Philippines before we had transfers and before I went to Kalibo..  SO my first day back in Oton, we had an FHE with one of the families that I visited on my very first day.  And they remembered me!!!  and better yet, I could understand them!  I looked back on how I felt my first day and to how I feel now.. I can see such a change. The things I wish I had done in Kalibo, I'm doing it here... LIke In Kalibo I was shy and everything was new so I didn't know what to do or what was expected of me.. Now I am able to speak to the people and I can feel more confidence in getting to know the investigators and members here in Oton.  I'm a lot more outgoing and confident and I can see that I'm gaining the trust and friendships with the people a lot faster than I did in Kalibo.  So It's been really a blessing.. Sister Guerrero is so sweet and I'm so happy we are companions.  SIs Patricio has already told me so much about her and I'm grateful to have her as a companion now.  
Elder Bednar came and He did something unusual. INstead of him giving a talk, He shared a scripture and the entire time we discussed our thoughts about mission work and the pattern of teaching. He taught us that we are all have authority and are entitled to the same spirit of prophecy and learning.  So I really loved how we were all involved. It was really cool to see all the iloilo missionaries in one room at the same time.  I got to see my Batch mates again!!! SIs Schocker, Sis Harvey and Elder Sefeti.. Sister Harvey is actually companions with sister Patricio now. 
THanks for you email Mike. I love hearing about Drew and Cammers..I miss you all so much.  I got Jareds Letter about the horrible trip or something?? i'm not sure what happened i was confused but It was pretty funny reading the story of your horrible experience. I still haven't received the bday Package yet. It might not be for another month.
Mom I'm praying for you and I'm really excited to see the house.. you should send me a picture of what the home looks like from out side with the yard and landscape you're talking about. 
I love you so much..
LOve Sister Fowles.
Oh and p.s.  We felt an earthquake last Friday?? it lasted for a long time, like 3 minutes. All three of us were sitting at our desks and everything started to sway back and forth.. It was way cool haha Don't worry though, Nothing bad happened.

So i have big news... I'm transferring!

So i have big news... I'm transferring! 
I don't know where I'll be going but we are going down to Iloilo tomorrow to hear Elder Bednar!! and I'll stay there for a day and then on Thursday we find out where we go and who my new companion will be..  Sad news, I'm leaving Sis Patricio :(  And my area. The people i've met.  I'm sad because I probably won't see them again.. Sis Patricio is sad because we thought for sure she would be transferring. We found out last night so I'm ways stressed with having to pack in one day!  
Some more good news.. Den Mark and Ronald were baptized last Saturday and we saw them receive the Holy Ghost on Sunday :)  It was such a good experience seeing Den Mark being baptized.. He doesn't smile much but when he does, it's the best.  I wanted to cry seeing him be baptized, knowing that we are the missionaries who found them and were able to see them enter into the waters of baptism. Not every missionary gets to see their investigators be baptized; usually they transfer before.  I'm so sad that I won't see them pass the sacrament. I'll keep in-touch with letters. My ability to love has grown so much.. It breaks your heart when you have to leave.  Hopefully my new area will be good and I'll be blessed with my new companion.
Mom the answer to your question is yes, I'm happy now, it's still hard every day but with moments like these... with Den Mark and Ronald. the People I would have never met. Sister Sheila, Jun and their family. Bishop Cauilan. the Gumban Family, Catherine and Carmela! I'll tell you all about them when I get home.. Especially Sister Patricio.. I love her! I'm sad that I wont be companions with her again. 
Yes Dad I studied the assignment. I really liked D&C 6:34-37 to fear not and perform with soberness.  I learned about using your gifts to help others receive the ultimate gift of salvation.  I need to have faith because with out faith you have nothing.  I really like D&C 16 about the thing that will be of most worth to you and your life is to cry repentance unto this people so you can dwell in happiness with them after this life.  So I know that I will see my friends here again some day.
The house sounds great with the yard etc. I pray for Mom every day. I pray that her surgery will go smoothly and that I know that she shouldn't fear. If you have faith it means you have no fear.. Don't fear for the Lord is on your side. And is with you

I love you so so much Youre always in my prayers.
LOve Sister Fowles

Hello Family!!!

Hello Family!!! 
Thanks for telling me the news about Mom. 
Yeah, About Steve and the Kids. I think they are who i'll remember most. The Children. 
Haha you know that saying "running around like a chicken with their head cut off"   haha well.. I've seen what they are talking about.. 
Also this is a little side note for Jared. Remember in Lord of The Rings, where the director said he used the sounds of pigs for the Orcs.. The pigs here, These Huge Pigs (the size of a small cow).. when they squeel they Really DO SOUND like Orcs. Like these high pitched screams. haha It brings me back when we would watch LOTR.
Anyways this last Sunday, Elder Nielson from the 70's visited our Stake Conference.. So we were able to hear from him again.  He told me, "can you believe it has been 3 months since I was last here??"  I'm thinking , 3 months? holy Cow. The time is going fast.  I can't believe I've been gone for 6 months already. that is a third done.. Woa I need to study more; the time is flying by. Anyways, Elder Nielson talked about Change, and about conversion.  He talked about the story of the 10 virgins where the 5 without oil.. He said the Lamps are the testimonies and the oil is "conversion" That all the ten virgins had testimonies but only five were truly converted.  He said that conversion means "to Change".  We can't just say we are repentant or say we believe in Jesus Christ if we are not converted and truly change our lives to be better like him.. To be better converted to his gospel, we apply the things we learn.. It is through our actions and through exercising our faith. that is how we put oil in our lamps.. Over time and over experience.  
I love you all.  PLease be safe.. My prayers are with you and I love you All so much with our end.. I'm learning how to love more here on the mission. and I'm grateful for you!
LOve sister Fowles

I just want to say thanks for the emails every week

I just want to say thanks for the emails every week. They really are encouraging and I'm grateful for the support (personal cheerleaders) from home. I get so excited for P-days to hear from my family and how things are at home..  
I pray for you every day.. Please be safe and Mom! don\t trip and fall any more "sige"!!? (alright?)  I do know with all my heart that Mom has great faith. That is a huge theme in the Book of Mormon.. We need to have Faith in Jesus Christ, always be trusting in him and as long as we do our part by following his gospel and commandments, He will always hold up his end of the bargain. 
Earlier this week we heard about a big baha (flood) in Manila. Sister Patricio was worried about her family.. I wonder what is happening to the missionaries like Sister Stromberg. 
This Last week we planted rice in the deep deep mud haha. When we went there early in the morning all the workers were laughing and saying, what is an american doing out here? They thought we were crazy when we said we wanted to try it out, because it is difficult and your body doesn't feel too great afterwards. 
We baptized Carmela Catherine and Jennifer!! This last Saturday. They were all so cute in white!.. Jennifer is sister Jesebeth's daughter. Sister Jesebeth is the less-active member who we found, the one who we helped when they had no food.. Well Jesebeth has come to church ever since and we just baptized Jennifer because of it.. Before the baptism, Sister Patricio and I went to check on the font and it was so dirty! like a layer of dirt, so we spent the morning cleaning the font. It has been a year since anyone has been baptized in our ward so it was a pretty cool experience. Then they filled the font and the water isn't like the clean, swimming pool, chlorinated water.  It is tap water with a greenish tint.. I thought to myself.  Here they are washing away all their sins in this tap water.. But its fine, It's still the same baptism.. I loved watching them get baptized because it reminded me of when I was eight years old, being baptized by my father. With my Short Permed hair, haha Pangit (ugly)  I'm so grateful for my blessings, my family, the gospel, for chlorinated water. I've Learned So many lessons.. I can't begin to say and there are so many more to come..I'm grateful for the covenants I've made and for the blessing of helping others make those same covenants with their loving Heavenly father.
I love you all.
Lift where you Stand.
I'm always praying for you and for Mom.. Please tell me good news about the MRI
Love Sister Fowles

Maayong Umaga! (Good Morning)

Maayong Umaga! (Good Morning)
Or I guess I should say Maayong Gabi for you since it's night time.:)
I want to say Happy Birthday to Diana, I think it was last week!!
An amazing thing happened on Sunday.. Raymond walked into the chapel wearing Sundays best..  Ok I guess it's not that amazing but both Sister Patricio and I were speechless and sooo happy to see him wearing a shirt and tie. He borrowed his clothes from his Lolo (grandpa) so they were too big for him.. But still, I can't quite describe the feeling of seeing him walk into church.  He is doing so good! Reading the scriptures, we follow up on where they are at in the Book of Mormon and he remembers the stories. I really think that he reads in the Book of Mormon more than those who are already members. Which is sad.  We know that he is really trying to follow the Word of Wisdom. We tell him that when he has the urge to smoke that he needs to pray. 
Last week it rained.. and rained... and rained some more.  The streets were flooded. They told us that it was a level 1 storm. haha I thought, This is level 1???  I hope I never experience any of the other levels.  This week though the rain has stopped and it's amazing how fast all the water dries up. like within a day the flood in the streets were gone.  
This week we found the Cawaling family who is on our list of less-active members.  We met brother Liberato Cawaling and two of his granddaughters. Then this last Sunday, Brother Cawaling and his wife came to church for the 1st time since I've been here.. The power of one visit can do so much. I really know how important visiting teaching and home teaching is now. Before I hardly did my visiting teaching but that is what helps build strong wards and helps the work of the Lord progress. We are happy to continue teaching them and possibly finding non members in his family so we can make them complete.  I'm grateful for all of the lords blessings.. Sister Patricio and I have been trying really really hard to help our area. I look at how far we've come, I can see the blessings and the Lord's hand is guiding us. 
That is really sad to hear about Andy Reids Son... and about the thing that happened in Colorado that Jared Told me..

anyways I love you all  so so So much.
Palangga Taka LOve Sister Fowles


WoW!!! Those are so cool, the pictures of Alli and Emma.. Alli's Hair is SOOOO long and Emma's Hair is SOOOO short haha.  and those are my old dance costumes.. wow.. MOM you still have those?? haha you never throw things away. ;) Just kidding. 

I loved hearing from everyone in the Email.. I'm happy everyone is still alive haha. I received Diana's Dear Elder!!!! Thanks I love you.. For Jessie's question about diapers... I've only seen one lady use a diaper for her baby.. usually it is just bare bums.. haha I accidently caught a bare bum on camera once, oops. I don't know how they deal with potty training because in the province I haven't seen a toilet yet.. The people kind of just go where they want.. 
So I suppose this last week I had a baptism.. It was Oliver but the thing is he left to Manila last Wednesday for work and texted us that he was being baptized on Saturday.. SO we did all the work in teaching him and then the missionaries in Manila were able to baptize him. I kind of have mixed feelings. It's great that he has been baptized because that is was Jesus Christ wants us to do. But we don't believe that he has a real testimony yet, that he was baptized because of his girlfriend April.  She wan't a temple marriage..  SO that's the story about that.. 

We are so excited for August!!  August 11 is the date for Catherine Magno and her Sister Carmela.  And for DenMark, Ronald and Raymond DelaCerna!!!   I love them!!  WE are excited.  This last week we are excited that Raymond Dela Cerna is trying to stop smoking.. So far he hasn't smoked the last two days so we are really trying to help him quit.. He really is progressing, he came to church on Sunday and we saw him reading the Book of Mormon during sacrament meeting.. It's funny because when we first met them I would have never thought that Raymond would enjoy reading the pamphlets, BoM, going to church. But now he is the first one to sit down and listen to us, He gets his brothers to stop watching tv and come for the lesson.  There is a change, because when we first met him, He tried hiding and escaping from us.  So I'm grateful for the change of heart that happens in our investigators and to really not judge an investigator because ANYONE can have a change of heart. Even though some reject what we have, there are others who will accept. and when they accept, you can see the change in their lives.  We see that Raymond NEEDS the gospel, He needs that repentance. He is just a young man who needs direction in his life because so far he hasn't had that direction.

We had interviews last week with President Pagaduan!!!  He is the Best Mission President.  He talked to me about the importance of decisions.. the decisions we make not only effect our lives but can effect others for better or for worse.  It's important to make Righteous Decisions because those choices could effect generations to come.  He encouraged us to make righteous choices every day. that even if you don't want to do something, Make the right choice and you will be blessed.
I love sister Pagaduan also.  She is so beautiful and simple.  She dresses so simply but she truly has a light about her that makes her stunning. She told me to always make the most of your time here because you'll never have an opportunity like this again.  She really was just talking about herself because they have a year left but I applied it to myself.. that really, I'll never do something like this again, that yes, after this i'll have all the time in the world to do what I want, watch movies, hang out with friends. But this time is precious and short and I shouldn't waste it. 
When we were done with interviews President Pagaduan mentioned that Elder Bednar will be here on Aug 30 for a conference with our mission!!!!!!!!! WoooHooo Elder Bednar is Awesome!  Sister Patricio is soooooo excited too, SHe's never been this close to an apostle before and she reminds me everyday how excited she is.. Haha

Sis Patricio is amazing, she is a convert to the church from Manila. She has only been a member for 3 years and she knows the gospel as much as I do, if not more. She is the only member of you family. She comes from a broken family and I truly can see how hard it is for her to be by herself in the gospel.. She loves being a missionary and doesn't want to go home.  She is the bravest girl I know. I look up to her so much, even though I might make her mad sometimes hehe. I just tell her that I'm helping her have patience. the attribute she desperately desires to have. She is the cutest Filipina I've met and She is an amazing missionary. She is persistent and isn't afraid of what people might say or think.  

So Salamat  I love you all so much I'm praying for you every day.. 
Palangga Ta Ka  (I LOVE YOU)
LOve Sister Fowles

YEAH BIRTHDAY KO NA (Yeah it's my birthday) Ako Pa (I'm the man)

YEAH  BIRTHDAY KO NA  (Yeah it's my birthday) Ako Pa  (I'm the man)

I received Mike and Jared's letters last week.  Jared, great timing.. you sent the birthday letter on July 2 and I got it July 21! It sounds like Colorado is way worse "heat-wise" then here.. 100 degrees yikes. just answering some of the question's i remember. We have illongo BOM and Tagalog BOMs even Cebuano too.  My district is cool we have 2 Elders E. Perez, Ferris and 2 sisters... sis Gantiles and Butler and then the couple missionary... the RObinsons.  THey are so awesome.. WE also have 2 other districts in our zone.  And we are starting to play volleyball on Pdays with them.. I'm trying to make our Zone more "Fun".  OUr church building is nice.. tile floors. it has two seperate buildings, one for the chapel and stage, and one that has all of the classrooms and bishops office.  there is a basketball court out side and it is surrounded by a gated fence.  and yes we have a ping pong table :)
MIke, I loved hearing about Drew sharing a talk in primary and his testimony!  That made me cry.  I saw the pictures you sent in the email too. they are sooo cute.  I can email to anyone in my family but I only have so much time to read and respond to emails so there can't be a lot of emails for me to read.  Congrats Mike on you calling too, YOu Da MAN! (Ikaw pa)
Happy Birthday again Pops.. I celebrated it here in the Philippines with Denmark DelaCerna.  I sent a picture of the DelaCerna Pamilya.  it has their grandma, Raymond, Rodel, Patricio then on the floor is sister Novilla, Bishop, Denmark, and Ronald, and me. Our bishop is sitting on the floor. haha he's way funny. 
The other picture is me and Carmela in front and Catherine and John lorence behind me.  Catherine is 10 and has a baptism date on Aug 11 with Carmela her sister who is 8 now!!!!!
ON my Birthday we had an FHE with the Gumban family and Sister Richie bought me a huge cake! ube flavor, what ever that is?? I was happy because the kids wanted cake and we weren't able to get one.. So it all works out in the end.  
Oh how you say sister is Kapatid, which means sibling and it is not gender specific. so it could mean sister or brother.  then there is "kuya" older brother or "atay" means older sister.  But You always say SIster FOwles in english.  
OKay Sorry I have to go...

Palangga taka..
Sister FOwles



We have an Investigator, Denmark Dela Cerna. I think I mentioned him last week.  But His birthday is on JULY 18th the same as yours!!!!  SO we are celebrating with him. It will be like i'm celebrating your birthday too Dad.  We are cooking Pancit and we are buying him a cake.  I hope it will be fun. He's pretty shy but we can tell that they are trusting us more and more each week.  
THis last week we did some service for a lady in our ward. Sister Benares. Her husband was in a motor accident and has been in the hospital. He's alright he just had surgery on his hand. They have been stressed with their financial expense. When we visited we saw the heap of laundry and choirs not yet done. So we came back to help her with her laundry and weeded her yard. She didn't want us to help but You could tell that she was grateful and that it was very much needed.  When I was weeding, Sister Benares asked if I have ever weeded before in America..  Haha I said, Oh yes, lots of times, my Dad would make me." So as I was doing service it brought back memories of home and i'm grateful that I wasn't this silly American who has never done yard work before.. 
That's funny that you looked up Balut.  It's Manami!!  I haven't had feathers yet.  But it really doesn't taste bad.. You just can't look at it.  I'm not a picky eater at all and I think that has helped.. I've eaten some weird things.. fish, squid adobo,  this stuff that looks like little tiny mino fish... they dry them and then you fry them and then you eat them..  Masarap!  
The people in the ward are great. I love my bishop. Bishop Cawilan. He's funny but you can tell that being a bishop is hard and that he can feel the weight on his shoulders. He likes us and is very grateful for us and our work. He expresses gratitude for us and he also is very willing to work with us.  
My District and ZOne are pretty cool. My old District leader was Elder Ordeniza and now it is Elder Perez... Elder Perez and Elder Ferris are companions which is pretty funny because the people pronounce their names the exact same way... Because P=Fs and S=Zs.  We don't really have time to get to know the other missionaries because we only see them on Tuesdays for District meeting and sometimes on P-day while we are shopping.  We have a couple missionary in our district Elder and Sister Robinson... They ARE THE BEST>  They bake us cookies and brownies because they have an oven in their home.  Elder Robinson reminds me of Mr. Rogers.. you know, that old T.V show.  That is him! He's so nice.  They came and did an apartment check to see if our apartment was "celestial" and before they were done he gave a prayer in the home and it was just such a good feeling. Especially with a priesthood holder. 
Good to Hear that The Cooks are home...  Ha ha you can borrow any clothes or shoes you want Kristi.. I'm glad to hear that you recieved the stamps I was nervous you had moved before you get them...  Love you
LOve you all soooooooooo Much.!!!! Palanga Ko Kamo!! GID!!!!!
So that is all.  Got to run and work... Love Sister Fowles

The rain is coming!

The rain is coming!

IT is beginning to rain more.. dun dun dun.  It's funny now because I'm starting to notice the change in the weather. I'm beginning to notice when it will rain or not.  The rain is nice at night time because it is cool but if it rains during the day and then stops, it gets hotter or more humid.  
This week we met with a referral named Oliver. His friend is the bishop counselor's daughter (April) and she has been talking to him about our church. He has been really interested and we've been teaching him every day.  He came to church the last 2 Sundays.  Pero, he is a sea-man and is leaving on July 25 or something. He seems genuine but we hope that he is converting to the church and not because of a pretty face.. (April) 
We also have been teaching the Dela Cerna Family and their 3 boys. Raymond, Denmark and Ronald.  They are all so cute!  THey were really closed the first time we tried teaching them. THey even tried escaping from us.. haha but now we teach them every week and all three came to church last Sunday!! We were excited to see eight of our investigators at church! The Dela Cerna Family, Catherine Magno, Cerezo Family (sheila and Jun), and Oliver.  It is always a great feeling when you see those you are teaching and care about at church. Not just investigators but those who are less-active. I didn't know that we have to keep track of everything so much, how many times people come to church, how many lessons you teach each week. How many people you have contacted for the 1st time, and how many members who are returning... There is a lot of paper work behind-the-scenes of being a missionary.
We are planning on extending baptismal dates to Catherine and the Dela Cerna boys around August 5. It's been fun building relations.  The Dela Cerna Family sell Balut every night.  We've been trying to help them in anyway we can so... we've been buying a lot of balut this past week. We are like their regular costumers haha. We had an FHE with them and it was way fun!  I had to share a talent and I did Jared's slap dance routine thing haha  And everyone wanted to learn it!

Ha ha so i've been messing up on some of my words.  IN practice teaching one time and mixed up the word Malapit (close) with malipat (forget) and I said our purpose is to help people FORGET  Christ. instead of  helping people COME CLOSE to Christ haha woops! at least it was in a practice run..

any ways I have to go  time is gonE!! :(  I'm so glad to hear about the family!!!!!  agh  i miss you all so much.  I love you TONZ  I'm greatful to hear about the nice ward and about your promise.  LOVe sis Fowles

Bad English

COngrats on CHADs Marriage!!!!

So we had Transfers this week!!!!  Drum roll please.....  Yay I'm still in Kalibo, With Sis Patricio Liwat (again).  I'm so grateful that the transfers didn't cause too much of a change.  Though, we were so stressed out on June 27th when they told us who would be transferring. We really had no idea if I would be staying or if Sis Patricio would be staying, because we came to Kalibo at the same time.  SO we will be here for another 9 weeks together.  

Sorry about how sad last weeks letter was.  Pero I learned that you have good days and you have bad days.  The good days are when you find a peso (coin) on the ground, TWICE in one day! The bad days are the ones where it rains a lot and you slip and fall in the mud while you are walking to an investigators house.  Haha yes this happened to me last week. THen there are the funny days where you come across a drunk man trying to ride a bicycle.  

HaHa I recieved Jared's letter telling me that I must be really working on the language because he can see my English suffer in my emails!!  SO pesensyia for my horrible English haha  The language is coming along better.  I can see where i'm improving.  I'm feeling more confident and my companion says that I really am sagad (good) at the language.  Pero I still feel far behind.  but it is good to know that i'm am doing better. She even told my last night that I was talking in my sleep and I said a few Tagalog words!!!  I pray everyday for the gift of tongues and to improve on my teaching skills.  I'm grateful for my companion, She is way persistent and outgoing when it comes to teaching. SHe likes to get things done.

P.S. THat's exciting that Kristi is coming in a week.  Mom, we don't go out of our area except on P-days because the grocery store and market are in the area next to us.  Also were you able to forward that email I sent a few weeks ago for sis Patricio??  also I have another email for you to forward to my friend.  THanks!!

I love your emails, thanks for you encouraging words every week.  I love you so much!  Stay strong and working hard.  I'll try to have better English haha but I can't promise anything.  
LOVE Sis FOWLES!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Thank you THank you Uncle Alan.  I just received your package last week. LIke almost a month from when you sent it haha. Thank you so much for the granola bars And that package of garlic seasoning! we're excited to try it on garlic bread or breaded fish or something.  I know that it was expensive to send it and I really appreciate it.  Thank YOU

Today I want to tell you about Sister Jessibeth.  Jessibeth is a referral that we found a few weeks ago. She has been in-active for about 20 years now.  She has 3 young children. Jennifer 8, Jasper 6 and Jeanefriel 2.  Surpisingly they came to church the week before last and we went back to teach them Thursday.  When we visited her again. She started talking and it wasn't very long till she started to cry. She was overwhelmed with tears when she opened up to us how she enjoyed church and how her children loved it but that they went without food. She told us about how she has no money to feed her own children. I looked at her house that you couldn't call a house. Dirt floor that turns to mud when it rains. no chairs jut a wooden bench and one table. animals like ducks, dogs, and chickens running in and out from inside your home. One bedroom with only a tarp for privacy. They have no electricity and no refrigerator. So they have no light at night when it gets dark at 6. No stove, just a pile of wood and a pot for cooking. She has sponsors for her to children to be able to go to school.  After we visited her and shared with her Mosiah 24:14. We left and I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  I told Sister Patricio that we just had two lessons.  Sister Jessibeth's lesson and a lesson for us.  A lesson of gratitude.  I've felt so grateful for the things I've been blessed with.  I want you to look at your homes, your family, your bedrooms, fridge, Food, electricity, carpet, privacy, money.  And to be filled with gratitude for the many blessings God has given you.  Because I have seen those who literally have nothing left.  No one can really understand how to be grateful till you have seen the things that I have seen.  I"m grateful for my blessings, for being raised in a loving home, being well- nourished and for a roof over my head.  I"m grateful for my education, and for my clothes,.. for the gospel.  I hope that you all can take a step back and whenever you are feeling down, THink of all the blessings God has given you.  Don't take them for granted because some are not as blessed. 
We were able to provide a little service and I used Alan's box (that was sent in the mail) and filled it with all of my roman noodles I had for my 72 hour kit, Crackers and some tuna and gave it to her. It wasn't much at all but when You hear how she had no food for those three little mouths to feed, you want to give anything.  We were so happy to see her again this Sunday and she has expressed her gratitude. We hope that we can welcome her back into the church and to provide physical and spiritual comfort.  

I love you all so very much!  Thank you so much for you support. I know that when days are hard that I am blessed.  I love you all so much.  Keep writing, I love letters.  

Monday, June 18, 2012


HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!   I cried in church yesterday when all the fathers stood up.
WOW ANOTHER hole in one!!!!  That's amazing Dad. You see.. Many blessings from the mission. Joke lang!!  You're the man Dad!

That's so awesome hearing about Kelsey's Wedding. I wish I could see pictures of her dress and cake etc. 
Jade Little is coming home next week?? WOW.  Tell her congrats. 
This week was funny. While I was teaching, a tiki fell on me.  I squealed and freaked out a little.  Everybody laughed at me.   We received a lot of referrals this week and that we found many children in our ward who are not yet baptized. This week has also been hard because school is back in session so many of our investigators are not available until night time and all at the same time.  

I really enjoyed last weeks Zone Meeting. Elder Galloway and Elder Thayne taught a lesson about the Book of Mormon. How in the 1500 people were risking their lives for the scriptures. The man who translated the Bible into English was killed for doing so.  They asked, what did they understand about the importance of scriptures that we don't understand?  We need to help people gain a deeper testimony about the Book of Mormon because it is truly the Word of God.   They also shared with how the mission isn't running a marathon, where you have to run 26.7 miles or something. If you are planning to run that far you go a steady pace at the start because you know you have a long way to go.  But the mission is like a relay race.  Where you only have to sprint your hardest for one mile and then you pass the baton to the next missionary who will run his hardest to the next mile.  THis is how the work progresses.  I loved it.

I'm sorry that my letters are not very long.  I am encharge of sending the weekly report to president. So i have even more less time :(
Transfers are next week and I'm afraid that sister Patricio or I might transfer, more likely her than me. I most likely will be getting a new companion and I'm so nervous.  Pray for me that I will have a follow up trainer and not a fresh new missionary.  The language is getting better. I'm trying now to always speak it.   I've notice that I am doing a lot of the same manorisms as the filipinos. I point with my lips, and I say yes with my eyebrows.It's pretty funny.

I love you sooo much.



I love you and miss you.  I love hearing the blessing that our family is receiving while I'm away. It really helps me know what is going on at home and I can literally see the blessings week by week.  I"m glad my emails can help some of your presentations DAD. Love you!!!

This week I've learned a lot of things. We had a companionship exchange where Sister Patricio Left me for a day and I was companions with sister Martinez! I lead the area and teach with Sis. Martinez. Having a different companion helped me learn what i'm doing well in and what I need to improve on.  She told me that i'm Sagad (doing really well) in the language.. When she told me that I just laughed and said, "Then why do I feel like I'm not good." haha  She told me that I seem to be following along pretty well. During our exchange we passed by some of the people we know and I  was able to say Hi and tell introduce Sister Martinez. I would try to understand what they said and I could kind of respond. With these little experiences I can see that i'm understanding a little by little.  I'm grateful for the exchange to see the progress I've made. Sister Martinez tells me to continue, her advice is to continue learning from sister Patricio, to continue to learn in the language. She said she was grateful that it wasn't awkward to work with each other. When we had our companionship study in the morning we had a spiritual experience during our practice teaching. I was inspired to share a scripture in the Book of Mormon and afterwards she told me that she had the same scripture was in her mind before I shared it. she told me that it means that the spirit is working between us and that even though it was just one day and we don't know each other, we can still work together.  She is sooo COOL! She told me I remind her of how she was at the beginning of her mission. When she said this, It gave me great hope that some day I will be like her. 

This week I was able to experience what Elder Neilson taught us. About physically bringing people back on our shoulders. This Sunday we went to pick of some of the Marote Children to come to church with us. By the help of a member who had a tricycle we went together to pick them up for church. While we were waiting for JennyRose and Jean Marote to get ready. We were able to bring their neighbor, Sister Roselyn, to church aswell. Sister Roselyn is not a member but her husband used to be a member when he was younger but is in-active now. surprise surprise. But by our efforts to bring the Marote Family, we also brought Roselyn and her son to church. I hope that they had a good experience and that we can find ways for their families to have transportation to church.  

We discussed the difficulties in our specific mission that keep people from coming to church. Some of the obstacles in our mission are different then others.  For instance, if the family is poor, they don't have money for transportation to church. It really is a test of faith for people to come to church when the money they use to get there is the money for their food.  

I've received some letters!!  I received one from Jared again, Shelley, Diana! and a lot from the wards. I received that huge card the relief society made. It was awesome. It's funny because it seems like I receive more letters from the ward councils then my friends because I got letters from the old ward AND the new one your are in.  THank you for Everything.. I love you.  Tell Kelsey Congrats! Tell me what her reception looked like.  Tell Happy Birthday to Marsha!!!!