Monday, December 3, 2012

So Oton is fun

So Oton is fun.  Here we ride Jeepnies not Tricycles..  Jeepnies are the famous long buses that have no windows and inside there are 2 side benches that run along each side of the bus.  I only rode one once in Kalibo but here it is the main way of transportation.  There is also C-cads here which are just like Tricycles pero.. It is powered by a bicycle not a motorcycle..  So it is a lot slower and you really feel sorry for the man powering the bicycle.. :(  Budlay (difficult).  It is September now  the start of the "BER" months.. like SeptemBER NovemBER DecemBER.  During these three months the Philippines celebrates Christmas!  So its awesome.. the Christmas lights are going up, the Christmas songs are waking us up in the morning.. It's great having Christmas for 4 months.. I'm excited to have my 1st Christmas in the Philippines and to have a Christmas with no snow.. that will be different.. plus the closer Christmas Comes the sooner I'll get to s
Last week Sister Guerrero and I found a Less-active member Her name is Leah Mae and she lives right next to  the baybay (beach). We taught her and some of her neices and nephews!  they are the cutest kids ever.  They were so happy to have us and they were thinking of going to church.. but we didn't see them this week so maybe next week. There are a lot of less-active members in this area so we have a lot of work to do.. 
There is a Sister Veronica and She is amazing.. She has seven kids and her husband passed away not too long ago.. they Call her the missionary mom.  She loves the missionaries and always wants to work with us..  I went on splits with her and I was strengthened by her strong faith. I can see how hard her life is but how she is so selfless and cares more for everyone else.  I was so proud of myself because I could have a conversation with her ( in the language!).
Last week both Sis Guerrero and I were sick, I had tonsillitis and She had the stomach flew.  We had to stay home for a day and Sister Pagaduan and President came and dropped off medicine and Gatorade. I love her. Pero subong (but now) We are feeling great.
Last Sunday President Torres spoke in church and I really loved the things he said.
Also we found this family, Sister Melanie and brother Leonardo and their 3 kids, Cherry ann, Cherry rose, and Cherry mae haha We have been so excited because we heard that brother was really hard and doesn't want to listen to missionaries but we finally were able to teach them and brother said that he's been curious and wants to come to church.. He's heard a lot of good  things about the church and has seen what is has done to his brother-in-law (Junel who was baptized this year). Sister Melanie comes from the Genger family. a family of 12 kids. Half of our less-active members and investigators come from this family.. So it's hard for me because they all look the same and there are tons of children and cousins and they are like all related in the one big family.. and they are always at each others homes so I don't know where they belong or who is who.. haha it's been fun.
I can't believe you said So you think you can dance is almost over.. Time goes by fast now. 
For mom and her surgery I'll be praying and fasting. I know that the power of priesthood blessings are real. I know that if I am struggling I can receive a blessing of comfort.. It works according to our Faith. If we have faith we have hope.. those two go hand in hand.. and IF we have faith there is no room for fear to dwell in us.. 
I love you so much.. I can't express the love I have for you and my family. 

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