Monday, December 3, 2012

The rain is coming!

The rain is coming!

IT is beginning to rain more.. dun dun dun.  It's funny now because I'm starting to notice the change in the weather. I'm beginning to notice when it will rain or not.  The rain is nice at night time because it is cool but if it rains during the day and then stops, it gets hotter or more humid.  
This week we met with a referral named Oliver. His friend is the bishop counselor's daughter (April) and she has been talking to him about our church. He has been really interested and we've been teaching him every day.  He came to church the last 2 Sundays.  Pero, he is a sea-man and is leaving on July 25 or something. He seems genuine but we hope that he is converting to the church and not because of a pretty face.. (April) 
We also have been teaching the Dela Cerna Family and their 3 boys. Raymond, Denmark and Ronald.  They are all so cute!  THey were really closed the first time we tried teaching them. THey even tried escaping from us.. haha but now we teach them every week and all three came to church last Sunday!! We were excited to see eight of our investigators at church! The Dela Cerna Family, Catherine Magno, Cerezo Family (sheila and Jun), and Oliver.  It is always a great feeling when you see those you are teaching and care about at church. Not just investigators but those who are less-active. I didn't know that we have to keep track of everything so much, how many times people come to church, how many lessons you teach each week. How many people you have contacted for the 1st time, and how many members who are returning... There is a lot of paper work behind-the-scenes of being a missionary.
We are planning on extending baptismal dates to Catherine and the Dela Cerna boys around August 5. It's been fun building relations.  The Dela Cerna Family sell Balut every night.  We've been trying to help them in anyway we can so... we've been buying a lot of balut this past week. We are like their regular costumers haha. We had an FHE with them and it was way fun!  I had to share a talent and I did Jared's slap dance routine thing haha  And everyone wanted to learn it!

Ha ha so i've been messing up on some of my words.  IN practice teaching one time and mixed up the word Malapit (close) with malipat (forget) and I said our purpose is to help people FORGET  Christ. instead of  helping people COME CLOSE to Christ haha woops! at least it was in a practice run..

any ways I have to go  time is gonE!! :(  I'm so glad to hear about the family!!!!!  agh  i miss you all so much.  I love you TONZ  I'm greatful to hear about the nice ward and about your promise.  LOVe sis Fowles

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