Monday, December 3, 2012

WOW!!!! 471% increase in missionaries!!!

WOW!!!!  471% increase in missionaries!!!  What!!!!  4000 now a week!!  THe Apostles really have their hands full now with assigning missionaries to missions..  haha..  I can't wait to see the 1st 18 year old elders and 19 year old Sisters here in ILOILO!!!!
DAD!!!  Breathe, you can do it.. Don't stress out about your presentation!  You are amazing!  I"m so proud of you and I know you will do a great job..  Make me proud !!!
Some funny moments i've remembered diri sa Philippines... the moment when I saw the ice cream trolly man passing by us jamming out to the song "My Sharona" instead of the normal ice cream jingle song..  He made everyone smile as he passed by..  The day when I was teaching in Benji's home and I looked at their wooden cabinet with a glass door and saw a live chicken sitting inside..  It was like that movie.. the Indian Cupboard. or something haha.  And the car that passed us with a full c-cad tied to the top..  You know how they usually have a bike rack and bikes tied to the tops of vehicles.. it was the bike and the side car attached and harnessed to the car.  I guess you'll wont really think it's funny unless you've lived here. 
I love sister Swarna!!  she is so good at EVERYTHING.  IT has been so fun with the three of us.. We like to call ourselves the United Nations because we have an American, Filipina and an Indian in our companionship!  SO we can cover just about any language over here..  
This morning we had breakfast with Sister Pagaduan and the City Sisters.. It was so fun.. We played badmitton and yoga.  This is SIster Swarna's last few days before she leaves on Wednesday for India.  She is a legend now..
This last Sunday was conference and I was so happy to see brother Jerome come for the 1st time since i've been in Oton.. He is a part-member family and we just gave them a baptismal date for December22 and it is the best feeling when you see them at church... the BEST. Then Junel (Jerome's Brother) and Julivie also came to church. it's been like 2 months since they've been to church so We hope they will continue to go.
They don't really celebrate Halloween just all Souls day and all Saints day which is on November 1 and 2. But I did see Halloween costumes and decorations for sale at the store.. But usually people go straight to Christmas here.. It's funny because winter here is just a cool breeze..  My companions are always so cold and I tell them that they should spend Christmas in Utah and they'll know the really meaning of cold.
Have to Go and work now.  I love you all so much.
Be safe I love you and YOU ARE BLESSED>

Palangga ta ka.  Halong  Love SIster Fowles.

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