Monday, December 3, 2012

What What what!!!! I'll have a new Pumunkin!!! (niece/nephew) before I get home!!!  Woa. Kristi and Rob Congrats!!  Oh my goodness, I'll be here on the mission for one entire pregnancy. That makes it seem like a long time. haha But it will go by fast. P.S. I think I hit my half way mark on Halloween..
Happy BIrthday Megan! Also I think I forgot to tell Scott happy birthday..:( so Happy Birthday Scott I love you.
I liked your dream dad.. especially me coming out of a drain.. that's cool. P.S. I think I could feel that hug too ;) Congrats with your "cherry-on-top presentation" That's my pops! way to go! What did you talk about?
Mom Keep getting better and stop coughing every 20 seconds Thats not good haha. THat's exciting for Natalie Fronks Call!! Finland will be a hard language to learn.. I know she can do it..  I got Jade's wedding announcement! She looks so beautiful and they look so happy!  I'm happy for her and Trevor.
Wow awesome Halloween Outfits!!!  I'm so happy you sent me those pictures! I feel like if you keep sending me pictures through out the rest of my mission the shock of when I see my nieces and nephews again wont be such a blow.  They already look sooo different and grown up.  Everyone looks so good!  I kind of forgot about Halloween because no one really celebrates it.. I think I saw two trick-or-treaters..  What I did see was the crowd of people entering the cemetery..It is like our memorial day but it's way more crowded and a lot more CANDLES. People were selling tonz of candles and snacks outside of the entrance to the cemetery. There was so much traffic it was hard to make it to our appointments.. and then when we did make it.. all our investigators were gone. To the Cemetery. haha.  
One cool experience I want to share before I forget. The other day it was late at night and we needed to bring Jaylord ( sister lourdAnn's boy) to the hospital because both of his parents were there and he was staying with a babysitter.  So we were trying to have him come with us but you could see in his face that he was scared and he didn't want to go.. He was being sabad (not listening/naughty) and we were frustrated thinking how can we get him to trust us and to go with strangers in-order for him to be back with his parents. So a cool thing happened. we called Jason (his father) and had Jaylord hear him on the phone.  Jaylord is like 4 years old and can't talk very well but he could hear his fathers voice on the phone.. His father talked to him saying.. come here Jaylord Go with them.. they'll bring you to us.. Dali di, dali di. (come here, come here)  Then after that.. Jaylord didn't complain he let us help him change his clothes and find his shoes. and he trusted in his fathers words that we would bring him to his parents.. ITs kind of the same way with missionaries and investigators.. at first they can be scared of us, not cooperative and sabad.. But if they would only listen to there father in heaven telling them.. Go with the missionaries..Trust them.. they'll bring you back to me.. Dali di, dali di.  Just kind of a cool lesson I learned from a child.. Those are always the most meaningful.
I love you all!  Be safe I pray and Do your home/visiting teaching.. magnify your callings.. keep your covenants.. I hope You are all doing the things that I'm teaching people to do out here..
Palanga ta ka! 
Love Sister Fowles.

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