Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear Pamilya

Kumusta Kamo?  Nahidlaw ako sa inyo gid!    Malipay ako nga nakabati halin sa inyo.      Magpadayon ako nga magpangamuyo para sa inyo tanan.
((How are you?        I miss you so much!                 ( I am happy to hear from you.)                 ( I will continue to pray for you all.))

Last week we had a Family Fun walk where we walked along the river bay with our families and wards to celebrate Family week.
We had these cool yellow shirts with a shoe print logo and I got to see Sister Schocker again!  She is assigned in Iloilo North zone which is right next to my zone (Iloilo)
I sent you a picture of Sister Lourd Ann and her two kids (Princess and JayLord)  They are so cute.
I haven't received the package you sent for my birthday yet.. haha it's been like 4 months.. :(  
It's way hard to send letters here.  It costs a lot and it's hard to travel to a post office. But i'm planning soon to make a trip and send some letters to my friends.
Thank you for the Email Dad.. your short insight really help me keep focused and keep me from feeling down..
Thanks for the email MIKE I hope that I will get emails like that from the people I teach in 15 years time.
It's getting harder as more and more of the responsibility is falling on to my shoulders.. I still struggle with the language and with understanding people..  not only do I have to translate the language but I have to discern the spirit in lessons and try to be a instrument for the spirit to testify.  It's So BUDLAY!! (Difficult)
We are so excited to hear conference.. we get to see it on Oct 14 at our stake center.. Buhi nga propeta!!  (living prophet!)  I can't believe this is my second Conference..  I only have one more left after this one... Weird!
The Oton apartment is way nice.. it's inside a gated compound.  Their are two homes inside the gate and our neighbor constantly will come by and give us fruit, and remind us to take out our garbage.  They have dog named Neelo who always greets us when we come home.. 
Our area is nice but it is huge and their are tonz of less-active members.. 
Thanks for the pictures! Mom you look skinnier :) the yard looks nice and green.. Are you excited for your first Christmas in the new home?? I'm excited for my first Christmas here sa PHilippines.  Apparently it's a big thing.. 
PS Jared  Yes  I have had the siopao (show-pow) and it's pretty good.. But there are things here even better than siopao haha  Things like Buko shake which is a coconut smoothie!  Masarap, Namit,  or in other words Delicious. 
Some things have happened this week like we were in an accident with a jeepny and motorcycle but I won't tell you about it because it will just scare you haha.. But we are fine.. it's just crazy that we were right there when it happened. And plus Sister Guerrero is a nurse so if something were ever to happen to us I know I am in good hands.
Sige  I love you all and I am glad to hear about MOM!
I love you. Keep being disciples of Christ and make your Heavenly Father proud and "well-pleased" with what you do.
Lift where you Stand
Sister Fowles

-from iloilo mission...So nice they named it twice ;)

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