Monday, December 3, 2012

Wow What changes..

Wow What changes..
I have been transferred to Oton which is near Iloilo city. Oton is a branch, so coming from a Ward in Kalibo to a small branch has been a big difference. There are about 70 active members and they are lacking a lot of Priesthood holders. Most are less-active. We met our Branch President. Pres. Catalan and he seems really great.  ....Guess what. I'm in a 3-some again.. My companions are Sister Guerrero and Sister White.  Sis Guerrero is Batch mates with Sis Patricio so they have both been here for a year.  And Sister White, she is the batch after me. She is still being trained.. She is... well lets just say that the mission is already having a lot of problems with her and both Sister Guerrero and I are having problems.  I don't want to bother you with details.  She just is having a hard time adjusting. 
Transferring has been a blessing. The coolest thing is This area that i am in now was the area that I worked in on my very first day here in the Philippines before we had transfers and before I went to Kalibo..  SO my first day back in Oton, we had an FHE with one of the families that I visited on my very first day.  And they remembered me!!!  and better yet, I could understand them!  I looked back on how I felt my first day and to how I feel now.. I can see such a change. The things I wish I had done in Kalibo, I'm doing it here... LIke In Kalibo I was shy and everything was new so I didn't know what to do or what was expected of me.. Now I am able to speak to the people and I can feel more confidence in getting to know the investigators and members here in Oton.  I'm a lot more outgoing and confident and I can see that I'm gaining the trust and friendships with the people a lot faster than I did in Kalibo.  So It's been really a blessing.. Sister Guerrero is so sweet and I'm so happy we are companions.  SIs Patricio has already told me so much about her and I'm grateful to have her as a companion now.  
Elder Bednar came and He did something unusual. INstead of him giving a talk, He shared a scripture and the entire time we discussed our thoughts about mission work and the pattern of teaching. He taught us that we are all have authority and are entitled to the same spirit of prophecy and learning.  So I really loved how we were all involved. It was really cool to see all the iloilo missionaries in one room at the same time.  I got to see my Batch mates again!!! SIs Schocker, Sis Harvey and Elder Sefeti.. Sister Harvey is actually companions with sister Patricio now. 
THanks for you email Mike. I love hearing about Drew and Cammers..I miss you all so much.  I got Jareds Letter about the horrible trip or something?? i'm not sure what happened i was confused but It was pretty funny reading the story of your horrible experience. I still haven't received the bday Package yet. It might not be for another month.
Mom I'm praying for you and I'm really excited to see the house.. you should send me a picture of what the home looks like from out side with the yard and landscape you're talking about. 
I love you so much..
LOve Sister Fowles.
Oh and p.s.  We felt an earthquake last Friday?? it lasted for a long time, like 3 minutes. All three of us were sitting at our desks and everything started to sway back and forth.. It was way cool haha Don't worry though, Nothing bad happened.

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