Monday, December 3, 2012

Good Morning! Maayong Aga!

Good Morning! Maayong Aga!
This Last week we had a giant Tuko in our bathroom.. Those big gecko Lizards. It was so scary lookin with its white skin and red dots..  Me and Sister Guerrero had a good time throwing permitherine at it and trying to shew it out of the house.. I have a pretty funny video of it.. mostly it's just us screaming as the tuko starts running.
Last week we washed sister LourdAnn's clothes for her because she has been sick and had a mountain of laundry to do.  I love her and her cute baby Princess..  I've met three babies now in Oton with the name Princess..  So if in doubt just say Princess because you have a better chance of getting it right..
This last week I slipped in the mud again.. I'm so clumsy now.. plus I came away with four big scratches on my leg.. Just another remembrance to take with me..  
This last week I gave another talk on Sunday and I said it in the language.. of course it wasn't the best talk I've given due to my limited use of vocabulary but I think it went well. 
I found out that my trainer Sister Salway is working at the MTC now teaching Hillagaynon!!  ugh these new missionaries are so lucky!  This last transfer we had the 1st batch of missionaries who started learning Hillagaynon in Provo. They have all these way cool materials in Hillagaynon!!  they are so lucky.. and they also have a small PMG.  instead of the huge booklets we have... 
This last week we went back to Sister Leah Mae who is a Less active member we met and we picked up Mac Mac (11) and Michael (8) for church on Sunday! THey are her nephews. They are the cutest boys.
Sister Guerrero and I felt like we haven't had a normal week yet during this transfer.. there has always been something out of the normal.. We've had to go to the doctor for Guerrero's check-ups, or meeting with trainers.. etc. etc. We just want a normal week. 
I sent you a picture of the big squid I cooked for lunch.. and my new haircut.. and the kids we played with in this big pile of rice harvest.. and Leah Mae Vergara's Family. Oh and the Tuko.
Last night I was thinking as I was looking at my scriptures.  And I was looking at where my name had been engraven on the cover..  My name has started to rub off and It hadn't started doing that till these last few months.. It's almost all gone now... just my first name is left and it's half faded.. I started thinking about the scripture in Matt 10:39  "He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it."  My name has slowly started disappearing the longer i've been here.. I'm slowly started to forget myself and "losing" myself for his sake.. And as I'm doing that, I'm coming closer to finding.. what matters most.
I look at the calendar and it has been 7 months since I entered the MTC.. It is crazy to think that I'm not the Newbee anymore.. Even though I still feel brand new.  Soon I'll be the senior companion or training!  yikes!!!  that scares me so much... I keep thinking, NOt yet NOT YET.  I'm still new and I"m still learning the language..  
But I love these people i'm meeting and teaching.  I love the culture.  the time is going fast but slow at the same time.. 
I'm grateful for all the support my family is giving to me and to Mom and my Dad.. I love you all and am grateful.  PLease stay safe for me and send me pictures!   There should be a trade... I'll send you some pics if you send just a few too!  alright!?
I love you.
Sister Fowles

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