Monday, December 3, 2012

I just want to say thanks for the emails every week

I just want to say thanks for the emails every week. They really are encouraging and I'm grateful for the support (personal cheerleaders) from home. I get so excited for P-days to hear from my family and how things are at home..  
I pray for you every day.. Please be safe and Mom! don\t trip and fall any more "sige"!!? (alright?)  I do know with all my heart that Mom has great faith. That is a huge theme in the Book of Mormon.. We need to have Faith in Jesus Christ, always be trusting in him and as long as we do our part by following his gospel and commandments, He will always hold up his end of the bargain. 
Earlier this week we heard about a big baha (flood) in Manila. Sister Patricio was worried about her family.. I wonder what is happening to the missionaries like Sister Stromberg. 
This Last week we planted rice in the deep deep mud haha. When we went there early in the morning all the workers were laughing and saying, what is an american doing out here? They thought we were crazy when we said we wanted to try it out, because it is difficult and your body doesn't feel too great afterwards. 
We baptized Carmela Catherine and Jennifer!! This last Saturday. They were all so cute in white!.. Jennifer is sister Jesebeth's daughter. Sister Jesebeth is the less-active member who we found, the one who we helped when they had no food.. Well Jesebeth has come to church ever since and we just baptized Jennifer because of it.. Before the baptism, Sister Patricio and I went to check on the font and it was so dirty! like a layer of dirt, so we spent the morning cleaning the font. It has been a year since anyone has been baptized in our ward so it was a pretty cool experience. Then they filled the font and the water isn't like the clean, swimming pool, chlorinated water.  It is tap water with a greenish tint.. I thought to myself.  Here they are washing away all their sins in this tap water.. But its fine, It's still the same baptism.. I loved watching them get baptized because it reminded me of when I was eight years old, being baptized by my father. With my Short Permed hair, haha Pangit (ugly)  I'm so grateful for my blessings, my family, the gospel, for chlorinated water. I've Learned So many lessons.. I can't begin to say and there are so many more to come..I'm grateful for the covenants I've made and for the blessing of helping others make those same covenants with their loving Heavenly father.
I love you all.
Lift where you Stand.
I'm always praying for you and for Mom.. Please tell me good news about the MRI
Love Sister Fowles

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