Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy THanksgiving! I would try and translate it but they don't have that holiday here.  it would be something like Malipayan nga ginahatagan pasalamat.
Um so I saw a movie poster for the Hobbit!! I want to see that so bad~! temptations.. ugh haha I hope you are keeping a list of the must-see movies.. I also saw a glimps of the preview of the new twilight movie as i walked passed.. it was like
Last week We found out that there is a local radio station where every sunday night some of the missionaries are invited to teach, answer questions and sing songs.. the Radio house is also in OUR AREA so we stopped by last Sunday before we went home.. The elders were talking on the radio and they were surprised to see us walk in that they almost messed up.. We are thinking of maybe going on air too but I'm too huya (shy) I would mess up..
It's transfers again.. Next week I might have a new companion.. I'll still be here in OTON.. for CHRISTMAS! woot woot.
FOr thanksgiving we are going to cook speghetti.. that's what sister Guerrero wants.. and we are going to buy a roticery(I don't know how to spell that) chicken Because they don't really have turkey here.. I've only seen two turkeys since i've been here.. Maybe i'll make some traditional deviled eggs... I told her this and she's never had them.. and she's not too sure about having "DeVIL" eggs haha
We are having a non-christmas, Christmas conference coming up. We have to present a 15 minute skit.. about the saviors birth or ministry. not sure what we are going to do yet.
I don't like transfers.. our district leader is dying this week.. which means he's going home.. so we'll have lots of new people in our district.. we have a way cool district.. ELder Karlson, Elder Digal who is way good at drawing animated characters.. he drew us! I'll show you sometime.. Elder Kaufana from Tonga, Elder Faran who is on his death bed and Elder Galloway and Elder Turner.. We are the only 2 sisters so we are spoiled.
the picture is of me and sister Veronica  the Angel here in OTON..
and the other is of us at the radio station.. we are with Elder Domincel and Kaaa.  that is Elder Kaaa who sister Cabatu knows...
/Anyways  pray for me and this language and that I'll be able to lead the area if Sister Guerrero leaves me..
I love you all so much...
P.S. maybe President Cook and Carol will be the new ILOILO presidents in JULY!  that is when President Pagaduan and sister are leaving...
LOVe Sister FOwles

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