Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh my Goodness!! 
Cameron looks sooo different!  He's so big!!  and he has hair now  haha  Cute Cute  He looks a lot like Mike!!
What WHAT WHAT  19 year old Girls and 18 year olds can go on missions now! woa woa big news..  We have conference next week..  SO i'm way excited for that... any talks I should Look out for?? Or that you loved?
Last week I went on Splits with the S.A. in our ward.. And i'm leading lessons.  I never thought that would happen..It's always scary for me not to be with my companion.
I still at times get down because of the language.. And It's so hard to get up in the mornings because we're so tired.. I think it's about time to have another General Conference to help boost my energy and to motivate again.k
Last week we met an Iglesian Ni Cristokk who is staying at one of our investigators homes and he was asking us about our faith.. and it's way cool because usually i.n.c's are very hard headed and are all about debating.. pero we really could feel his curiosity and openness to our message..
The work is the same every day.. I don't really have anything new to say except that it's still beautiful here.  It still rains hard. it's still hard to get investigators to church.. especially when the husbands don't let their wives go  :(  
I still get news from sister Patricio about our converts in Kalibo!!! the Dela Cerna family is doing great!  they have the priesthood now and are passing the sacrament!!! I love them and miss them.
This week is transfers again... I'm so nervous that Sister Guerrero might leave me and I'll have to lead the area. 6 weeks is not long enough.. and it feels way short especially after I had like 5 months with sister Patricio.. If I only have 6 weeks with sister Guerrero it will be too short!!!   
i love you so much.. next week i'll have some better insight for you since I'll get to hear conference!!!  yeah  a chance to listen to the living prophet today..... I don't think i've appreciated having a living prophet like i do now.. especially when this is what we are teaching the people here.. and I hope they take the opportunity to listen to the prophet this weekend... they are so lucky.
Sige Sorry it's short email.. But I love the pictures. Everyone will be so different when I get back.. I hope Cammers will remember me.
Love you all

Love Sister Fowles

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