Monday, December 3, 2012

First off, Answers to questions:

First off, Answers to questions:
I couldn't watch the video you sent me.. it wouldn't work.. 
The area I am in is Oton and they speak Hillagaynon (Hill- a- guy- non) and oton is very close to the mission office which is in Iloilo.  
That lady from the philippines, that is in your ward, sent me a big huge card and it was so cute.. Sister Baugh?? or something.. Tell her hi and thanks from me.
Sis Guerrero is from Quezon City, Manila and Sister White is from Arizona.  I DID MEET Elder Kaaa.  He was in Kalibo.  How does sister Kabatu know him? He is way nice and like a pro volleyball player.
Oton is Nice. but I miss Kalibo.. I got a letter from Sister Patricio and from Sister Harvey who are working in my old area... And I started crying when I heard about Den Mark was going to receive the Priesthood this Sunday.. and that Raymond has written me a letter.  Then I heard that this boy Benjie. He's 12 years old, recent convert and has been less-active for a year... We had been teaching him a long time and finally the week I transfer, He decides to go to church.. ugh  haha funny how things like that happen..  
Here in Oton we are teaching Sister Lourd Ann and she is my age but has two kids. She's way funny and I love her.. She has a way strong testimony about the Book of Mormon.. We just have to work with her husband and they also have to earn money to be married.  Her husband Jason is super shy and doesn't like to be asked questions because he is kind of slow..  This has been the hardest part... is when we teach people who are ready but they can't be baptized until they are married.. That was the same problem with Sister Sheila and Jun in Kalibo.. So it's kind of hard to face that challenge but I know that We are all just instruments in the lord's hands and even if they are not baptized before you leave the area, when they eventually are baptized, You still feel like you were apart of their conversion process or had a part in their baptism..Just looking at the big picture.
So Sister White went home yesterday. it's been hard but we know that this will be the best thing for her, our area, and for the future.
It's been a long and crazy week.  It felt long because of the new area, new companions, new investigators and branch.. Also dealing with challenges.. But I can say that Sunday evening felt so good when we started teaching sister Elizabeth.  Sis. Guerrero told me that they had stopped teaching her because brother (her husband) didn't want to listen anymore.. but one day when we were walking by.. SIster Elizabeth comes running towards us and wants us to start teaching again and that she had been reading the scriptures and wanted to share a message with US!!! haha... So we were so excited and when we went back on Sunday, me and Sister Guerrero felt the spirit while sister was over whelmed with excitement, telling us what she had learned from the scriptures.. We didn't end up teaching what we had planned but we followed the spirit and had a good lesson about how the foundation of your testimony come amit amit (step by step), not all at once.  \and just the entire rest of the day went better, we contacted a referral and things seemed to flow smoother.. I'm grateful for the things I've learned and for Sister Guerrero's help in teaching me how to be a better ME.
So I'm happy to hear from you again.. Be safe and I'm always praying for you. P.S. I'm getting a haircut today. Which I thought I would never do in the Philippines because I'm just too nervous. So hopefully it won't be pangit (ugly).
I love you 
Palanga taka
Sister Fowles

P.S.  What picture did you show in your class Dad!?? THat's embarrassing  haha

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