Monday, December 3, 2012

Maayong Umaga! (Good Morning)

Maayong Umaga! (Good Morning)
Or I guess I should say Maayong Gabi for you since it's night time.:)
I want to say Happy Birthday to Diana, I think it was last week!!
An amazing thing happened on Sunday.. Raymond walked into the chapel wearing Sundays best..  Ok I guess it's not that amazing but both Sister Patricio and I were speechless and sooo happy to see him wearing a shirt and tie. He borrowed his clothes from his Lolo (grandpa) so they were too big for him.. But still, I can't quite describe the feeling of seeing him walk into church.  He is doing so good! Reading the scriptures, we follow up on where they are at in the Book of Mormon and he remembers the stories. I really think that he reads in the Book of Mormon more than those who are already members. Which is sad.  We know that he is really trying to follow the Word of Wisdom. We tell him that when he has the urge to smoke that he needs to pray. 
Last week it rained.. and rained... and rained some more.  The streets were flooded. They told us that it was a level 1 storm. haha I thought, This is level 1???  I hope I never experience any of the other levels.  This week though the rain has stopped and it's amazing how fast all the water dries up. like within a day the flood in the streets were gone.  
This week we found the Cawaling family who is on our list of less-active members.  We met brother Liberato Cawaling and two of his granddaughters. Then this last Sunday, Brother Cawaling and his wife came to church for the 1st time since I've been here.. The power of one visit can do so much. I really know how important visiting teaching and home teaching is now. Before I hardly did my visiting teaching but that is what helps build strong wards and helps the work of the Lord progress. We are happy to continue teaching them and possibly finding non members in his family so we can make them complete.  I'm grateful for all of the lords blessings.. Sister Patricio and I have been trying really really hard to help our area. I look at how far we've come, I can see the blessings and the Lord's hand is guiding us. 
That is really sad to hear about Andy Reids Son... and about the thing that happened in Colorado that Jared Told me..

anyways I love you all  so so So much.
Palangga Taka LOve Sister Fowles

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