Thursday, June 28, 2012


Thank you THank you Uncle Alan.  I just received your package last week. LIke almost a month from when you sent it haha. Thank you so much for the granola bars And that package of garlic seasoning! we're excited to try it on garlic bread or breaded fish or something.  I know that it was expensive to send it and I really appreciate it.  Thank YOU

Today I want to tell you about Sister Jessibeth.  Jessibeth is a referral that we found a few weeks ago. She has been in-active for about 20 years now.  She has 3 young children. Jennifer 8, Jasper 6 and Jeanefriel 2.  Surpisingly they came to church the week before last and we went back to teach them Thursday.  When we visited her again. She started talking and it wasn't very long till she started to cry. She was overwhelmed with tears when she opened up to us how she enjoyed church and how her children loved it but that they went without food. She told us about how she has no money to feed her own children. I looked at her house that you couldn't call a house. Dirt floor that turns to mud when it rains. no chairs jut a wooden bench and one table. animals like ducks, dogs, and chickens running in and out from inside your home. One bedroom with only a tarp for privacy. They have no electricity and no refrigerator. So they have no light at night when it gets dark at 6. No stove, just a pile of wood and a pot for cooking. She has sponsors for her to children to be able to go to school.  After we visited her and shared with her Mosiah 24:14. We left and I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  I told Sister Patricio that we just had two lessons.  Sister Jessibeth's lesson and a lesson for us.  A lesson of gratitude.  I've felt so grateful for the things I've been blessed with.  I want you to look at your homes, your family, your bedrooms, fridge, Food, electricity, carpet, privacy, money.  And to be filled with gratitude for the many blessings God has given you.  Because I have seen those who literally have nothing left.  No one can really understand how to be grateful till you have seen the things that I have seen.  I"m grateful for my blessings, for being raised in a loving home, being well- nourished and for a roof over my head.  I"m grateful for my education, and for my clothes,.. for the gospel.  I hope that you all can take a step back and whenever you are feeling down, THink of all the blessings God has given you.  Don't take them for granted because some are not as blessed. 
We were able to provide a little service and I used Alan's box (that was sent in the mail) and filled it with all of my roman noodles I had for my 72 hour kit, Crackers and some tuna and gave it to her. It wasn't much at all but when You hear how she had no food for those three little mouths to feed, you want to give anything.  We were so happy to see her again this Sunday and she has expressed her gratitude. We hope that we can welcome her back into the church and to provide physical and spiritual comfort.  

I love you all so very much!  Thank you so much for you support. I know that when days are hard that I am blessed.  I love you all so much.  Keep writing, I love letters.  

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