Monday, June 18, 2012

OH man. How I love Mothers Day.  It was so wonderful to be able to see your faces.  I love you so much.  I really needed that.

So as you know my nanay left me and now it is just Sister Patricio and I.  I love her Gid (emphasis). We laugh at nights telling stories and talking about the "aswangs"  It is a myth here in the Philippines. They are like creatures that look human in the day but at night or on a full moon they turn into creatures with sharp teeth and eat people.  Their version of vampire/cannibals. But They like really believe in them.  Sis Patricio's step-mom told her when she opened her mission call to Iloilo that she needed to be careful!!  Their are many "aswangs" there. haha So I have yet to see an aswang but I hope I never do.

I find that the Philippines like to name their children strange names.  I've already told you about San Francisco. I just found out that a man we know, Bro Banner, his first name is Star Spangled...  No Joke.  Put that one together. I laughed hard gid.  I've also met three young girls named Princess. One was named Liahona which is actually really pretty.  And then a boy named Baby Jesus. :)   They like to combine the names of the mom and dad. For instance, Donalyn and Jun have a daughter Junalyn.  Their are also Damo (many) J names here. I can't keep track of them all.  We just contacted a less active family for the first time last week. The Marote Family, and they have like nine children and all their names start with J.  Joralyn, Jeremy, Jomar, jennyrose, jam, jean, judyAnn, and Julianna.  Yep Super confused over here.

This last week we experienced some tracting. We ventured out to the area Linabuan which is kind of far to find a referral. As we were searching we found their home but they were not home so we had the opportunity to teach her neighbor. Sister Wenina. She was very generous and she is very Faithful. I think she is Catholic. She fed us some Kamote which is that purple sweet potatoe. You remember the one that we tried at the Cabatus? It was interesting because while we were down in Linabuan we received a text of another referral that was around that same area and he doesn't work on Thursdays (the day we just happened to be visiting the area) So we were really excited. While we searched for this referral I noticed the different attitude people had towards us.  As we would stop by to ask people about the referral, their were shy people, timid to talk to us, afraid that we would teach them haha. and people that were happy to help us. (probably because they were talking to an American.)

Haha this reminds me, I must have adapted well to the mission because now when I see a white person I catch myself STARING. haha one time I said to myself, "Woa a white person!" Thats really when you know you're Filipino. When you forget that you're white.  But now I don't blame people for staring at me because I realize that they can't help it. That it is like a muscle reaction.  Just the other day we were standing at a chungy and I see this white man walking past us. He looked like an intense outdoors-man with his large hikers back pack, tan skin and scruffy beard. We looked at each other has he walked by and we both exchanged a smile and chuckle. It was like we were instantly friends because we had something in common. We were white foreigners. When I do see other Americans I wonder why they are here. Because I know why I am here but why are they here??

Another fun fact. I find that it is smart to carry an umbrella with you at all times.  Because you use it when it is hot and sunny to keep you in the shade. And you use it when it unexpectedly rains.. and also that it can be a good weapon for attackers or large dogs. So always carry your Payong (umbrella) with you.

Oh well time is gone I have to check out.   I love you all!!!!!  Love sister Fowles

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