Monday, June 18, 2012

Yes I received your email Dad That sounds like it will be a great talk. I was able to skim over it.I remember those stories. I can't print it out here and I hope now that i'll have enough time to write to you. P.S. is my plaque picture thing in the fruitland acres ward or in the Foxridge ward now?? Mom I really like those Forget me nots from Uchdorfs talk. I feel like I can apply every one of those here on the mission.
That is exciting about selling Grandma's house. I'm sad that I wasn't able to have a slumber party there like you did Mom the night before. I'm so excited for Chad and for Arie getting married soon.  That's great. I'm sad that I wont be there.  Tell them Congrats :) 

So tomorrow we have a mission tour.  I don't really know much about what it is, only that we are traveling to Roxas Zone to have a combined conference. And Elder Neilson, who is in the Presidency of the entire Philippine Country Missions, is speaking to us. So that is exciting. It will be a little change in our routine.
Also Next week for Pday, we are having a Zone Activity and we are going to the beach to play volleyball and going to this Sampaguita Gardens.... I'm not sure what that is but i'll find out.  So I'm not sure what time we'll be emailing next Monday.

I love the people we teach. I love Sheila and Jun and their family!!!!  I love when we visit them.  They have 3 young boys, Froilan, Francois yuan and Fernan.  Last time we came Fernan who is like 3 came running towards us to greet us.  He reminds me of little Cammers and he is so cute.  Every sunday they boys come sit by us while church is starting.  They love me too even though i don't understand what they are saying. It's because I take pictures of them so whenever I come they say "Picture, Picture!"  I hope that i'll still be here in the mission to see them be baptized. we just have to wait a long time for them to have enough money to get married. Brother Jun sells popcorn so when they make it their entire home smells like a movie theater. They always send us home with small bags of popcorn.
There is also a 12 year old girl who we visit. Her name is Annalee and she is so sweet. Last week she gave me a bracelet at church so we now have matching bracelets. I'm so happy that I can still show how much I care for these people even though I can't speak the language very well.
This last week i've been taking the lead a little more in the lessons, Starting the lessons and giving commitments. I still feel so frustrated at times but I know that I need to be patient with myself. But you know, you always worry if you're behind, or if you should know more than you do.  I can still say that I can understand more than I can speak. But when someone talks directly at me I go blank and have no idea what they said. I think it's because I'm looking at their eyes and not their mouth.

So this week we had a lot of "emergency expenses" and we have no kwarta (money) because we still have one more week before we can withdrawal haha. We had to pay for gas for our stove, then we had to pay the water bill, the electric bill, money for the mission tour, Sis Patricio's watch broke, and we needed to buy groceries for 2 weeks because we won't be here next Pday. So we laugh and say that this P day stands for Pigado day (poor day). So we've been eating rice and canned goods, our 72 hour kit, and popcorn. :) 

I love you all!  Be safe and Lift Where You Stand.
LOve SIster FOwles!!!!!!

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