Monday, June 18, 2012


I love you and miss you.  I love hearing the blessing that our family is receiving while I'm away. It really helps me know what is going on at home and I can literally see the blessings week by week.  I"m glad my emails can help some of your presentations DAD. Love you!!!

This week I've learned a lot of things. We had a companionship exchange where Sister Patricio Left me for a day and I was companions with sister Martinez! I lead the area and teach with Sis. Martinez. Having a different companion helped me learn what i'm doing well in and what I need to improve on.  She told me that i'm Sagad (doing really well) in the language.. When she told me that I just laughed and said, "Then why do I feel like I'm not good." haha  She told me that I seem to be following along pretty well. During our exchange we passed by some of the people we know and I  was able to say Hi and tell introduce Sister Martinez. I would try to understand what they said and I could kind of respond. With these little experiences I can see that i'm understanding a little by little.  I'm grateful for the exchange to see the progress I've made. Sister Martinez tells me to continue, her advice is to continue learning from sister Patricio, to continue to learn in the language. She said she was grateful that it wasn't awkward to work with each other. When we had our companionship study in the morning we had a spiritual experience during our practice teaching. I was inspired to share a scripture in the Book of Mormon and afterwards she told me that she had the same scripture was in her mind before I shared it. she told me that it means that the spirit is working between us and that even though it was just one day and we don't know each other, we can still work together.  She is sooo COOL! She told me I remind her of how she was at the beginning of her mission. When she said this, It gave me great hope that some day I will be like her. 

This week I was able to experience what Elder Neilson taught us. About physically bringing people back on our shoulders. This Sunday we went to pick of some of the Marote Children to come to church with us. By the help of a member who had a tricycle we went together to pick them up for church. While we were waiting for JennyRose and Jean Marote to get ready. We were able to bring their neighbor, Sister Roselyn, to church aswell. Sister Roselyn is not a member but her husband used to be a member when he was younger but is in-active now. surprise surprise. But by our efforts to bring the Marote Family, we also brought Roselyn and her son to church. I hope that they had a good experience and that we can find ways for their families to have transportation to church.  

We discussed the difficulties in our specific mission that keep people from coming to church. Some of the obstacles in our mission are different then others.  For instance, if the family is poor, they don't have money for transportation to church. It really is a test of faith for people to come to church when the money they use to get there is the money for their food.  

I've received some letters!!  I received one from Jared again, Shelley, Diana! and a lot from the wards. I received that huge card the relief society made. It was awesome. It's funny because it seems like I receive more letters from the ward councils then my friends because I got letters from the old ward AND the new one your are in.  THank you for Everything.. I love you.  Tell Kelsey Congrats! Tell me what her reception looked like.  Tell Happy Birthday to Marsha!!!!  

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