Monday, June 18, 2012

Alright so I received some of my first letters from home finally. (and Brittany Worley's announcement. CONGRATS) I recieved Jared's Dear Elder too.
They were asking me about my first week in the Philippines and how my first Pday went.  Well I have now had about 5 Pdays and they are all relatively the same. I remember thinking the Pdays would be like how they were in the MTC but they are a lot less relaxing.  It really is a "preparation day" not a "lets sleep all day, play in the sun, eat banana sundaes DAY" It's just as tiring as all the rest. haha.  We do our studies, email, pay bills, buy groceries at Gaisano, buy meat and produce at the market, dash home to wash our clothes, and write letters if you have any time left before it is 6 o'clock. And then you go to work.
You wanted to know my schedule. We wake up at 6:30am exercise, shower, eat and start Personal Study at 8, We then have Companionship study at 9 till 11am doing mostly our training, practice teaching, learning principles of how to be an effective teacher as well as principles of the gospel.  We then do language study which is me trying to translate the things i'm going to say in the lessons we have that day. We eat lunch and then we go to work. We visit families that are less-active. President Pagaduan really wants us to focus on the family. That we want to bring families into the gospel together because if you save a family you save thousands in a ripple-effect. Our motto is to Lift where you Stand.  So where ever I am assigned here in Iloilo I am to LIFT it.
We have good days and not so good days. But i've really learned that the success of a missionary is based on your "in-put". How much I put into serving others and to finding the lost sheep. I spoke to President about not having any regrets on my mission.  He said the easy way to go home with no regrets is to come home everyday with no regrets. Each day when you walk back into your apartment, ask yourself, did I do everything I could today. If the answer is yes everyday, your entire mission won't be a regret. 
We do meet with our district every Tuesday. It's where we report on our work from the previous week and learn on things we can do better. The pattern we have during the week of a missionary is.. Church on Sunday of course, Pday on Monday, District meeting on Tuesday and Weekly planning is every Thursday. and this is the pattern your entire mission.  Weekly planning seems to take us like 4 hours! haha especially with the 3 of us.  We figured out that it was because Sister Salway was repeating everything twice. Once in Hiligaynon, once in English and then a 3rd time because usually one of us didn't hear. (guess who that could be haha) 
So some questions for you. Who is the new Stake President?? if you moved to the other ward, is my mission plaque in the new ward or old ward? 
I'm sending you a picture of the GUMBAN family.  Sister Myrna is the younger lady and she is going to be baptised on June 2! They are just getting things in order for her and her husband to be married and then she can be baptized so we are soooo excited.
Also Sis Salway had to go to the mission home this week for training So we combined with Sis Butler and had to work in both Kalibo 2 and Kalibo 1 areas. This was the first time I was able to work with Sis Butler again from the MTC.
And then the last picture is the Frog who was eating a dead mouse who was on our porch. 
I love you SOOO much 
Palangga Gid Ko Kamo!
Love SIster FOwles


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