Monday, June 18, 2012

Hola! Dyok Lang.. Kumusta!

So IT's Saturday Morning before Conference. Its kind of nice to be leaving Monday Morning. Conference will charge my batteries right before the Philippines. But it basically will be Sunday night because I don't plan on sleeping when we have to leave the MTC at 5 am. I'll be up packing.  SO turns out that Delta Airlines allows two 50 lbs luggages and 40 lbs carry-on.  Good news right? Well then we get a little notice slip for those that have to go to Iloilo mission because they are Flying on a little Philippines plane from Manila to Panay. Their carry-on can only be 15lbs!!!  I just about died.  So I put that carry-on suitcase on the scale in out Residence and it weighed 12 lbs.... That is with nothing in it... hahaha  So I can only but 3 lbs of my belongings in it.  So If you havent found out yet, I postmarted my Entire suitcase to Diana. and it is filled with all my winter clothes and things I don't think I need.
SO I can't wait to go to the Philippines!!!!!  I have also met some missionaries here that are FROM the Philippines and they have told us all about it. They are excited for us and they talk about how beautiful it is.  One at lunch even told my that my Tagalog was pretty good...  DID YOU HEAR THAT! He said that my Tagalog was pretty good.  I was so happy.  But it's a joke because I only said like 3 sentences and they are the only ones I know basically haha. So I fooled him!  no.. but really that was a nice compliment. But i know It will all go out the window when i get there.  I wont understand anything! "Hindi nakaintindi"
So i'm excited to leave but super nervous at the same time. Out two districts are the last pilot program group so basically they will study us and see how well we do in the field compared to those with the 9 week program. Which makes me a little discouraged hoping that we didn't get the short end of the stick. We just had (in-field) orientation yesterday, all day. Where they cram last minute info before you peace out. and we were taught by the people who were in the district videos! it was like meeting famous people! this is as close as it gets to meeting superstars here at the MTC.  besides Elder David Archuleta i mean, who i did see in the lunch room. wha wha!
SO i have to go sorry this email is short these computers are awful and keep freezing up. I'll try again later.
Ingat po Mahal kita.
Love Sister Fowles

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