Monday, June 18, 2012


HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!   I cried in church yesterday when all the fathers stood up.
WOW ANOTHER hole in one!!!!  That's amazing Dad. You see.. Many blessings from the mission. Joke lang!!  You're the man Dad!

That's so awesome hearing about Kelsey's Wedding. I wish I could see pictures of her dress and cake etc. 
Jade Little is coming home next week?? WOW.  Tell her congrats. 
This week was funny. While I was teaching, a tiki fell on me.  I squealed and freaked out a little.  Everybody laughed at me.   We received a lot of referrals this week and that we found many children in our ward who are not yet baptized. This week has also been hard because school is back in session so many of our investigators are not available until night time and all at the same time.  

I really enjoyed last weeks Zone Meeting. Elder Galloway and Elder Thayne taught a lesson about the Book of Mormon. How in the 1500 people were risking their lives for the scriptures. The man who translated the Bible into English was killed for doing so.  They asked, what did they understand about the importance of scriptures that we don't understand?  We need to help people gain a deeper testimony about the Book of Mormon because it is truly the Word of God.   They also shared with how the mission isn't running a marathon, where you have to run 26.7 miles or something. If you are planning to run that far you go a steady pace at the start because you know you have a long way to go.  But the mission is like a relay race.  Where you only have to sprint your hardest for one mile and then you pass the baton to the next missionary who will run his hardest to the next mile.  THis is how the work progresses.  I loved it.

I'm sorry that my letters are not very long.  I am encharge of sending the weekly report to president. So i have even more less time :(
Transfers are next week and I'm afraid that sister Patricio or I might transfer, more likely her than me. I most likely will be getting a new companion and I'm so nervous.  Pray for me that I will have a follow up trainer and not a fresh new missionary.  The language is getting better. I'm trying now to always speak it.   I've notice that I am doing a lot of the same manorisms as the filipinos. I point with my lips, and I say yes with my eyebrows.It's pretty funny.

I love you sooo much.


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