Monday, June 18, 2012

Kumusta Pamylia!

So guess what I did Dad.  I cleaned fish last Monday. Like 5 of them. I thought you would be proud of me. We went to the Market to buy our produce and it was definitely a different experience. The smells of all the meats are powerful and you can tell that the animal was probably alive not too long ago.  There was so much fish and chicken and probably other animals i didn't recognize. Very interesting. 

It's kind of hard to walk around the streets of Kalibo.  Not only do I stand out because of my name tag but because I'm white.. Sis Salway, who is also white says that it never gets old and that you'll be getting looks and cat calls your entire mission.  The story is true about marriage proposals. She has lost track of her number of offers and told me that I should keep track. I was told by an investigator that I look like a Movie Star. Bahaha. I wish that were true when I walk down the streets of Logan. I like the fact that I can be sweating, hair up in a messy bun, dirty clothes, red mosquito bites on my legs, muddy feet and still be considered as a movie star.  The Philippines is very flattering.

I think the Philippines will help cure my small fear of dogs too, because I see dozens all the time.  A lot of them are kind of malnourished and it is sad but I'm more afraid of spiders and mosquitoes then I am of the dogs.

This place is so beautiful. I see flowers of every color imaginable as I walk. I want to collect some and dry them in my journal. I'm getting more used to the area and the homes people live in.  Most homes are raised off the ground and are closer to like Tree Houses. I'm assuming it's like that for when the area floods. Some areas remind me of the Swiss Family Robinson movie.  Speaking of Floods, It has rained only a few times here and usually in the mornings or at night.  You can actually hear the rain coming and when it hits it is SO loud! It just pours! and then it stops after like 5 minutes. But it is so funny because the Filipinos don't like the rain (go figure). So when they hear the thunderous showers they all dash for cover.  I wonder what it will be like when the actual rainy season comes.

The Food is really really good.  No it is not just rice. I'm excited to collect recipes so I can maybe show you.  We had Pancit Canton,  Adobo, Bangros Fish which was Delicious! But you have to pick small bones out.  Sis. Patricio makes fun of me a lot, saying that I'm truly a Filipino now because I eat rice with my hands.

Oh so washing my clothes was pretty fun.  I didn't realize how dirty clothes get until you actually physically rinse them. "I'm truly a Filipino now!"

The pouch mail address I guess will work but it's really confusing and Sis Salway says that you can actually still use Dear Elder and it's a lot easier.  That Dear Elder prints out in Salt Lake and will be sent to us as long as you have the right name and mission I believe. So maybe that will work. 

We have visited a lot of people.  Most are less active and it's because they fall away usually from being offended. When we watched Conference for the second time I was hoping people were listening to President Uchdorf telling them to "Stop it" There is an investigator Sister Sheila and her husband Bro. Jhun who are really cool. She has been to church many times and has many questions.  They speak Aklanon which is the hardest dialect.  It's hard to learn the language because Kalibo is mostly a Tagalog and Aklanon speaking area. But all of the other areas speak Hiligaynon which is the language the "illongo" people speak. My trainer speaks mostly Hiligaynon. So I'm trying to do both Tagalog and Hilgaynon. It's still the first week.

So I wish I could tell you more but my time is running out.  I love you all so much! I'm excited to hear from you. THat's exciting about the house and the picture you took dad is AMAZING. I'll be praying for each of you. 
palangga ko kamo! ( i love you all)

SIster Fowles

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