Friday, March 30, 2012

Mangandang Umaga Pamilya!

It's been officially one month from Yesterday I entered the MTC.  I only have 10 days left!!  We are hoping that we get our flight plans today. WHen I do I'll let you know immidiatley.  Schocker wants to have her family look up the airports we are staying at and see if there is a Cafe Rio food place.  Cause We are craving Cafe Rio!!!.
THis last Sunday was amazing! There were so many great speakers and talks. For relief society we had Sis. Barbara Bradshaw speak to us.  She emphasized on Mosiah 7:33 Turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, put your trust in him and serve him with all diligence of mind. I just got a lot of things from her talk. Then my kasama and I taught Sunday school (I guess you would say) to our district. It was on repentence and I told them that it wasn't going to be a Confession Session but ways we can see how important repentance is to our purpose and to the people we teach.  IT went really well. The Best part was Brother Heiner in our Branch Presidency gave a talk in sacrament and quoted ME! talking about Confession Session.  haha I'm so cool. HE gave such a great talk. I loved when they quoted Oaks and said We need missionairies, not people doing missionary work.
Sundays are fun because we get to watch movies and it is the best watching movies with missionaries because when ever there is a kiss or flirting scene, all the elders wistle or cheer. THeir cheering is quickly followed by shhing noises from everyone else who is mature.  It cracks me ups.
Speaking of Oaks He Spoke on Tuesday!!! I am so grateful to have had two apostles come and speak to us.  He talked about the importance of teaching with the spirit. There is no other way you can teach.  That you need to seek for the spirit and be worthy of it. I liked what his wife Kristen talked about how 1 out of 10 people (who weren't LDS) knew the church was true just by seeing the missionaries. That is such an example to me cause I want to have that countenance where you can tell the church is true just be looking us.  Having the Light of Christ in our eyes.  Schocker was so funny because She was so tired that she was falling asleep during the talk so we looked at her notes afterwards and you could see her handwriting get worse and worse and the best part is she wrote" The Holy Ghost will only be with you if you are disobedient..  Haha she was soooooo tired.
Did i tell you about that cute sister Jewell that we found a few weeks ago. It was her first day and she was crying at the lunch table because she had come late so she didn't know where here district or companion were or what was going on. plus she had just said good by to her family. Schocker and I started to comfort her and tell her all the cool stuff we do at the MTC and that it really is so bad. When we were cheering her up it helped me to cheer up to. Realizing how good we have it and the awesome talks and devotionals we have. Plus how fast the past weeks have gone.  She was so appreciative of us that she wrote us a cute note a few days later.   She said you two are so wonderful. thank you for helping me. I am really grateful you were there. thank you for your examples as well. I could tell that you truly wanted to help me and that you cared about me. I think that is one of the many great qualities you sisters have that will help you be mighty instruments in the hands of the lord. She is so nice!!!.
I can't believe 10 more days. we were all talking about the animals and bugs that we'd see in the philippines. I was getting so freaked out.  I bet the R.O.U.S.s live there. (rodents of unusual size) and then we heard about the 21 foot crocodile that ate 3 villagers. AHH haha don't worry we are forbidden to go into the waters so I will probably be fine plus our teacher said he never saw any crocodiles. But the next night after we talked about that I dreamed about hundreds of crocodiles forcing me to play in their olympic games called the GATORADE.
Class is going well I feel like I don't know much but then I realize that I really have learned a lot.  I've come to realize that the doctrine is simple; the teaching is complex. the different strategies of listening discerning and teaching.
Some funny jokes this week. Elder fruean told Sefeti that he will lose weight in the mission. The pun was that we will be losing ELDER WEIGHT in the mission. BAhaha. jk it probably isn't that funny. but i laughed.
Thank you for your encouraging letters IT was so interesting because before I recieved them I went running with this sister and ever since then we have been really close I don't feel the elephant in the room any more.  So it was amazing how my prayers were answered.
Thanks for everyones letters I'll be writing back soon.
anyways I'm way out of time and these stupid computers are awful I only get a half and hour and these computers freeze up all the time.  Ps you should get a large map of the island Panay that i'm going and you can mark the places I've been.
any ways I have to go I love you so MUCH\
Mahal Kita
Be safe. remember your promis.e.  tell me about the house.

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