Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dad!  you can't send me 5 emails.  I can't read them all in time. haha.  I love you all so much. I LOVE LETTERS MOM those cards you sent me were so beautiful and I love reading them. it's so nice to get letters because when you have a Kasama (companion) who gets like 2 letters every hour its nice to know who have people who love ya.  Cause we only have p day on friday to email and even then it's not enough time to read and write emails back.  So send me more letters!!!!  SO I can read them during the week. Once I get in the field it would be easier to rread emails. So I love sundays Tuesdays and Fridays.  They are my favorite. Sunday talks were so inspiring and relief socitey everyone was crying. Ha of course.  We were talking about the Love of Christ. At the end all of the sisters san "I feel my saviors love" and I just was over come by the spirit of the sweet angel voices. The fireside that night was about what kind of missionary do I want to be remembered as? I thought of a loving and inspired missionairy.
My Kasama Sister Schocker is so funny. We joke all the time. SHe made me laugh so hard the other day when she said she was feeling car sick in relief society becasue Sis. Butler wouldn't stop bouncing her leg! It was making her motion sick. Butler must have restless leg syndrom.

I love Tuesdays because we got to just study most of the day and the devotional was amazing!.  Guess who spoke to us... Drum Roll......... ELDER JEFFERY R HOLLAND! Thats right Elder Holland the amazing one.  It was so cool to see the respect flood the room.  We walked in while we were singing and the moment we all stood up everyone started to sing a whole lot louder. I was writing none stope during his talk because every sentance was so profound.  THis is just a list of stuff from my journal I copied.

We expect a lot from you and we dont apologize. We expect super human strength. That we don't have the right to compromise the tradition of this work. Strive everyday to measure up. the best symbol for the church if we had one would be a picture of 2 missionaries. Expect this message to change their lives so it isn't allowed for you to fall way after 2 years. You are not suppost to go back to teh way your were.  You need to convert yourself before you can convert others. You are a force to change the world. the BOM is a book of revelation. this is the church of the mighty God that will save their souls. We expect atleast one soul from each of you and that is your own.  I loved it so much.  How cool was it to hear Holland my first week at the MTC>\
Dad you need to send me those pictures you took at the MTC so I can have them in my PHoto album.  And send me more stamps!!! I'll be sending you pictures soon in the mail. And guess what mom.  Elder Fruean gave me New Zealand coins so I'll be sending those home to.

Also I am still the rock paper scissors shadow boxing champ.  Yesterday at lunch I beat like 10 people in a row on the 1st ROUND!  it was amazing!!!! All the Elders can't believe it.  They try so hard to beat me and i'm like "Come Back Tomorrow!""

PS the RING is Awesome.  I love it.  THank you for sending it in the mail mom.  Everyone is jealous that I have a PAM CTR ring for the philippines.  I'm so happy it came.

SOrry the punctuation is kind of crazy. I feel like i don't have time to capitalize or type punctuation because I only have time to spit the words out. So hopefully you can decipher this letter.  Happy Birthday Jessie!  I loved the letters you sent me.  Tell all the family to send me letters!
  I Love you All so much
Mahal Kita
Ingat po

Love Sister Fowles

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