Friday, March 30, 2012


March 4,2012
I can’t believe Megan chipped her tooth!  That is not fun.  Hearing about that blessing with the doctor bill really made my day.  I know that the Lord is blessing you.  It breaks my heart that Drew was sad he didn’t get to say goodbye.  Tell him that I love him so much.  Only 2 elders in my district are going to Iloilo.  Sefeti and Weight.  I can buy a pillow in the Phillipines cause I don’t have room for it in my suitcase.
My schedule goes something like this:  Breakfast at 7:10; Lunch at 11:40 and Dinner at 4:40.  Can you believe how early that is.  We eat SO early.  We have personal study like everyday multiple times a day, language study, class instruction.  Sunday we have morning music and the spoken word then Relief Society then lunch then Sacrament with our Branch, which is in Tagalog.  Then a fireside at night and a movie.  Tuesdays we study all day and have a Devotional, by really cool people like Apostles.  Friday is P-day where we go to the Temple in the morning and laundry and then class at night so its not a full day of free time.  The rest of the days are similar with classes, study time and teaching time where we teach people.  They finally are teaching us how to prepare lessons how to prepare to learn a language.  The type of goals we should have.  The language is hard.  I can kind of read it but when I hear the teachers speak to each other I realize there is a lot I don’t know.  The hard thing is we don’t know the verbs.  We’re learning grammar and how to ask questions and to teach lessons.  But trying to do that before learning vocab is kind of hard but they keep telling us it’s the best way to learn.
You can do the missionary site if you want.  I’ll eventually send you pictures once I get them printed and you can scan them hopefully to post if you can.  The Bookstore is cool cause we can engrave our names on all our books and I bought a MTC shirt and a photo album that holds 208 photos.  I can’t believe I only have a month left to try and learn this language.  And then when I get out there I’ll have to learn another one.  When I look at it It’s been a week and I already know how to pray, bare my testimony and hold a short conversation in Tagalog.
I still need to memorize a lot.  Its Sunday and we just heard a beautiful musical# Come Thou Font of Every Blessing with two sisters singing and two sisters were sign languaging the song.  It was so pretty, it was like they were dancing.
It was funny in class yesterday, we talked about stress management.  They had funny pictures of the stages of stress.  We all felt like the last drawing (picture).   They helped tell us ways we could relieve stress in our lives and to not feel so much anxiety.  I’m really doing ok I just get tired some days where I didn’t sleep well and need a nap.  Everyone says if you survive the 1st week then you’ll be golden because they like to throw you into the fire.  It’s similar to like when you’re trying to drink from a Fire hydrant where you get only a little sip in your mouth and the rest hits you in the face. Ha ha.  Well here I am (:   I’ve survived and it really isn’t too bad.  I find each day I love it more and more.  I look at the friendships I’m making and these people I would have never met.  I do enjoy being here and I’m excited to grow into a better and great missionary.  I heard that the  mail to the Philippines takes 3 weeks to get there.  So if you wanted to mail me a letter you should send it now.  So it would get there at the same time I arrive Ha Ha.
Also if you wanted to send me valuables or anything that you should send it in the bottom of a pringles can or in a box of cheesits.  I heard from others that you should get a Dear Elder account and you can send me mail that way cause it will go through the pouch mail and it will reach me and that its free.  Dear Elder is whre you type a letter and when you send it they type it up for me and I receive it.
Anyways, I love you so much.  Sorry my handwriting is bad.  I think its this pen or the book I’m writing on. Or maybe it’s the language that is messing up my spelling ha ha
Love you so so so much
Know that I’m happy and I’m doing well.
Sister Fowles

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