Friday, March 30, 2012


Ok I don't have very much time so hopefully i can write everything I want to say.  I Can't believe I'm here already.  It's been very different then what I expected.  I love my Companion Sister Schocker. She is from Bountiful and she reminds me of Shelley.  She is so sweet natured and I love her.  We are both terrified.  My roomates are Sister Butler and Sister Harvey.  The four of us are the bomb. I really feel like we keep each other focused. And all FOUR of us are going to Iloilo! same with two other elders in our district.  The four elders are Elder Hamp Elder Weight Elder Fruean and Elder Sefeti.  Fruen is from New Zealand and sounds just like the people on that movie Whale Rider.  And Elder Sefeti is from Fiji and he is hilarious.  The language is crazy. We have learned how to pray and to bare a short testimony.  But the first day guess what they did. They stuck us in a room with our teacher and he only spoke Tagalog to us.  All of us have no idea. I feel like all we do is play charades the whole time trying to figure out what he is saying.  He has tought us some phrases but we haven't broken down the details of the language at all. which is frustrating because I wonder if that would help us communicate better.
The hardest thing I've had to do here was they had us teach a real investigator.  A REAL INVESTIGATOR. His name is Niko and he only speaks Tagalog.  So we went in there knowing nothing.  It was AWEFUL. I just looked at Sister Schocker and she looked like she was about to cry.  So I just moved on and had him read the inroduction page of the BOM in Tagalog.  I had him read the 1st paragraph and the 2nd to last paragraph and then I bore my short testimony and then we left.  I shouldn't tell you this but I cried really hard after because I felt like we did horrible.  It was the first time I cried since i've been here. But I realized that the purpose of them doing this to us was to understand that even if we don't understand the language there is one language we all can understand. that is the language of the spirit.  As long as we bring the spirit into the room then it doesn't matter if we can't understand each other. 
Sister Schocker is great and I feel like i've been helping her not feel so homesick.  She definitley is more timid then me and I know that we can help each other be better missionaries.
I saw Kenzee here and I saw Elder Jones who I worked with.  There are so many people here from different cultures and accents.  it's a really cool experience.  ELder Fruean from New Zealand taught this game that is similar to rock paper scissors and I started to dominate every one.  We started to play boys vs girls in our district and I was the number one player. It was so funny.  I love my district, we rely on eachother a lot to help destress our lives. 
So i have to go. I'll try to attach pictures.
Mahal kita.
Sister Fowles
Ingat po (bye)
I hope all is well at home

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